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      Complete Basement and Crawl Space Waterproofing systems for Tennessee and Kentucky residents.


      Benefits of Basement Waterproofing


      Ameri Care Services basement and crawl space waterproofing will allow you add living or storage space, increase your home's value, and prevent the harmful conditions of mold and mildew contamination.

      When Ameri Care Services installs a complete waterproofing system in your basement, you can rest assured that your basement or crawl space will be dry and clean after a storm.  But our basement waterproofing offers more benefits.

      Waterproof Basement in Tennessee


      Additions of Storage or Living Space

      If you have a leaky basement or musty odor due to moisture and mold it makes perfect sense in why you would not want to finish your basement for fear or mold or water damaging your belongings.  Ameri Care Services basement and crawl space waterproofing services and products will leave your basement clean and dry allowing you to finish your basement without worry of mold or moisture. 


      Resale Value

      Trying to sell your home with a wet basement can cost you more money than having a complete moisture management system installed in the basement.  Additionally a home with an Ameri Care Services basement or crawl space waterproofing system and moisture management controls can increase the value of a home by ten to twenty percent.


      Prevent Mold & Mildew

      Solving the problem of water entering your basement is critical towards mold and mildew remediation.  Water in your basement will ruin more than the basement but its contents as well.  A wet basement or crawl space can lead to mold growth causing poor air quality in your home.  Poor air quality caused by a moldy, wet basement can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, and nausea.  A complete basement waterproofing system will eliminate the moisture that allows mold and mildew to grow in your basement.

      Eliminating water seepage in your basement is the most important step towards mold and fungus remediation. Water seepage not only ruins the contents of your basement, it can trigger mold growth which can result in airborne diseases, respiratory issues, allergies, nausea, and a number of other air quality related issues. A properly waterproofed basement eliminates the the seepage that allows these dangerous organisms to grow.


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