5 Tips to Controlling Moisture in your Basement

keep moisture out of basement

keep moisture out of basementNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

Spring is here, and with it comes lots, and lots of rain for us in Middle Tennessee. While the beautiful April showers bring us May flowers, it may bring you something you don’t want – moisture in your basement. Your moisture control specialist in Nashville at Ameri Care Services would like to share with you five tips on controlling moisture in your basement this spring.

  1. Dryer Vent

If your washer and dryer are located in your basement, the dryer is responsible for creating a great deal of moisture. As the dryer blows moist air from the vent to the outside, some of that moisture can leak into your basement if the vent pipe has a hole in it. Also, if the pipe has become disconnected, all of that moist air may end up getting blown into the basement.

To prevent this issue, periodically check behind your dryer to ensure the vent is secured properly and is without any leaks or holes. You can turn on your dryer before checking for any leaks, which will make it easier to locate these problem areas.

  1. Open Sump Basin

If you already have an open sump basin in your basement, moisture could be coming from that source. If the basin does not have a lid, the water evaporating from the inside could be constantly emitting moisture into your basement.

An easy solution would be to place a properly fitting lid over the basin. This way, all of the water stays sealed off from reaching your basement. Be sure to get a lid that screws on, which will provide a tight seal.

  1. Seepage

During bouts of heavy rain, you may notice water leaking from the area where the floors meet the walls or through cracks in your foundation. These areas can result in a significant amount of moisture getting into your basement. When the moisture is present, you may feel a damp, musty feel to the room, and mold is often present.

As a waterproofing specialist, Ameri Care Services can assess and identify these problem areas. We can provide custom services to find the best solution for you by repairing cracks and properly waterproofing your basement, protecting it against future moisture problems.

  1. Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks may occur behind walls or under floors. Sometimes, if you are lucky, the leak will be easy to spot under a cabinet or behind the toilet, and you will catch it in time before it causes damage. However, it is the unseen plumbing leaks that can end up causing moisture in your basement without you realizing the source.

Make it habit out of regularly checking your plumbing. Run water when you inspect everything to assess if there is a leak. Firmly push around the bottom of your showers and around the tubs to check for any weak areas that could be caused by an underlying pipe leak.

  1. Dirt or Gravel Crawlspace

Dirt or gravel crawlspaces tend to feel moist because moisture easily evaporates up from the ground into the crawlspace. If your crawlspace entrance is near your basement, this moisture can travel inside to your basement area. Also, moisture from the crawlspace can still make its way up to the living space of your home, unless the moisture is properly controlled.

Using the proper techniques and tools, your crawlspace and basement can be waterproofed in an effort to protect your home and your health. Ameri Care Services offers a variety of services for these issues, and we recommend the best service based on your case.

Basement Waterproofing in Nashville

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