Why is my Basement getting Water in it

why does my basement get water in it

why does my basement get water in itNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

Discovering water in your basement can be more than frustrating. In fact, water that leaks into your home causes damage to the home’s structure, to your belongings, and may even jeopardize the health of your family when mold develops. It can be difficult to track down the source of the leak and once you find it, you may not have the know how to put a stop to it on your own. Here are some reasons why your basement may be getting wet.

What is causing the water in my basement?

Unless water is entering the basement via a leaky pipe or roof, the water is likely seeping through the foundation or from the basement floor. Finding where the water is coming from is not an easy task and unless you plan on digging up your basement floor or tearing into the drywall, just to see if that is the location of the leak, then calling the professionals is going to be your best bet.

At Ameri Care Services, our qualified technicians are trained and skilled in determining the cause of a basement water leak, without mindlessly tearing holes in your flooring or walls. When it comes to a water leak, fixing the problem at the source is the only sure way to prevent the same leak from happening again. Putting a Band-Aid, so to speak, over the problem will only catch up to you later. If you do not find the source of the problem, and the water continues to leak slowly, toxic mold could begin growing behind the walls or under your flooring, which can be a detriment to you and your family’s health.

Water may be entering your basement as it seeps through the walls as a result of a drainage issue around your home’s foundation. Cracks or damaged walls could also allow water and moisture to enter your basement. Sometimes, moisture comes up from the floor. Preventing moisture and water from accumulating in your basement, you need a professional to handle the work for you. Patching the problem may hold you over for a while, but chances are that moisture and water will return and be even worse than before.

So, as a homeowner if you have attempted to repair a water leak in your basement, yet still find that you have a moisture problem; it is time to call the experts at Ameri Care Services. We not only find the source of the leak but also offer repair solutions to prevent water and moisture from seeping into your basement again. Preventing water damage ensures the integrity of your home and the safety of your family. We take an individualized approach when remedying this issue, and to help prevent further occurrence of moisture or mold in your basement.

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