Are you Attracting Pests to your Home

are you attracting rodents

are you attracting rodentsNashville and Murfreesboro TN

Finding pests such as ants, mice, or roaches inside your home can be startling, and is something that most people want to remedy as quickly as possible. While getting rid of pests in your home can seem rather easy, what about the ones that you do not see that may be lurking behind walls, under flooring or other unseen areas of your home that keep these pests coming back? You and your family could have habits that are contributing to these pests finding their way into your home.

Your Middle Tennessee pest control company Ameri Care Services has some tips to help you avoid attracting pests into your home.

Grass Clippings

Leaving grass clippings on your lawn, especially during the winter provides an easy shelter for rodents and small insects. Plus, these clumps of grass clippings tend to retain moisture, which is something pests are on the lookout for during the cooler months. The more of these pests that linger in your yard, the greater chance that they will find their way indoors where you do not want them.

Clogged Gutters

It seems to be common knowledge that clogged gutters are not ideal because they can lead to water damage or wood rot in your roof or eaves. Clogged gutters are also a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitos, something you do not want hanging around your property this spring or summer. Believe it or not, but mosquitos only need about half of an inch of water to breed. Ignoring your clogged gutters could result in wood rot that attracts termites that could destroy your home. Therefore, be sure to keep your gutters cleaned out regularly.


Many rodents and insects prefer to nest in or around clutter. This includes piles of old books or magazines, boxes, and anything else that is not used on a regular basis. When these items are left sitting, it attracts unwanted pests into your home and is likely where you will find them.

Cracks In Your Home

You could easily be allowing pests and rodents into your home simply because you have tiny cracks around your home. Check around your doors and windows to ensure the weather stripping is not damaged and still provides a tight seal. This is also good to do as the summer months heat up because it will help keep your house cool, keeping the heat out. Remember to also check your home’s foundation for any cracks. Seal up any areas that you see using the proper materials.

Pet Dishes

Whether you feed your pets inside or outside the home, be sure to not leave any food in their bowls. Put out only what they are able to consume within one meal. Any leftovers should be stored in a tightly sealed container. Otherwise, all different types of pests and rodents may be attracted to any leftovers.

Excess Water

Many insects and rodents need water to survive. Be sure you do not leave any standing water around your lawn, and repair any pipes that are leaky, especially those inside your home. Assess your landscape for any drainage issues, and have the problem fixed to avoid pooling water in your yard, something that would attract many different types of unwanted pests.

Wood Rot

Wood rot not only is a structural issue but it also attracts wood destroying insects such as termites. Once these pesky insects get into your home, you may not even realize they are there until significant damage has been done. It is important to keep the exterior of your home painted with fresh paint to protect the underlying wood.

Pest Control Services in Nashville

Keeping your home pest free will keep you and your family healthier. If you are interested in Nashville pest control services, contact Ameri Care Services by calling (615) 893-7111. We provide pest control services to homes and businesses in the greater Nashville area of Tennessee. Call for a free estimate!