How to get rid of a Rodent Invasion in your Home

how to get rid of rodent invasion in your home

how to get rid of rodent invasion in your home

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Mice are the most common household pest in most parts of the world. These rodents can quickly adapt to a changing environment and breed rapidly by producing up to 35 baby mice each year! You can easily see how having only a couple of mice to start with can escalate into a rodent invasion. Here’s how to get rid of rodents in your home and help to prevent them in the first place.

Keep food sealed

Mice prefer to eat seeds and insects but will eat about anything. Keep food sealed and do not leave scraps or crumbs lying around. Mice are excellent climbers and can even jump a foot high! Be sure to check cabinets, the pantry, and drawers often for crumbs left behind from packages of food. Cleaning around the kitchen and eating areas regularly will ensure crumbs are not left behind for unwanted houseguests.

Consider routine pest control

Mice are colorblind and can only see about six inches away. Since mice like to eat insects, keeping your home free of these pests will mean that mice will want to look elsewhere for food. So, if you also discover that you have other pests inside your home, consider a routine pest control service to keep all insects away. This will eliminate any food source for mice.

Keep your home organized and free of clutter

Mice love to burrow behind or under piles of clutter. It is a good idea to keep your home free of clutter and boxes that are stacked up everywhere. If you can, store unused belongings in plastic containers in the attic, garage, or a shed, instead of haphazardly throughout your home. Also, clean your house regularly and move furniture, if possible, to vacuum away crumbs, insects, and other food sources for mice.

Store your belongings properly

As far as habitat, mice prefer to live in structures, although they can live outside too. When inside a home, mice build their nests by burrowing into dark, secluded areas and use cotton, fabric, packaging materials, and paper. Keeping these items stored in sealed, plastic containers may help prevent mice from nesting. Mice will even live inside the installation of your walls. If you have any holes or entry points into your walls, seal up these areas.

The health dangers of mice

The biggest threat from mice is that their droplets and urine are known to cause allergies in children. Plus, these pesky rodents are prone to harboring ticks, lice, fleas, and mites, which are unwanted houseguests as well. To increase your prevention efforts, hiring a professional pest control company, such as Ameri Care Services will help ensure you do not have to deal with a rodent invasion. Even if you already have rodents, we can help.

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