What Happens to Insects During the Winter

what happens to pest in winter

what happens to pest in winter

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We can already tell that the seasons are changing, not just because we feel it, but we see it happening as certain insects make their way inside. Many bugs go unseen during the winter months. What exactly are they doing? It is called overwintering, which is basically like hibernation where the insects go dormant. To prevent them from freezing to death, some insects have antifreeze chemicals in their blood, or they hide under rotten logs, piles of leaves, under tree bark or other natural places.

Overwintering insects can become a nuisance as they make their way into your home. While some insects may only hide under your porch or the siding on your home some will make their way into your basement, attic or even right inside the living areas of your home. Among these pests are the multi-colored Asian lady beetle, stinkbugs, and the kudzu bug.

Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetle:

Mistaken for a ladybug, these tiny red or orange beetles with black spots can drive you insane as they make their way inside. They have a distinctive shaped black marking on their head that resembles an M or W-shape. Their bright colors are simply to warn predators that they taste bad as they expel a yellow-brown liquid from their legs, which can cause staining when you kill them.

Asian lady beetles were released in the United States back around the early 1900’s as a way to control aphids – a small but destructive sap-sucking insect. Unfortunately, the Asian lady beetle wound up being a pest themselves. Rest assured, they do not pose a threat to humans other than they will drive you crazy!

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

These insects also make their way inside as the weather begins to change. They are a light brown color with antennae that have white bands on them. As with any other type of stink bug – yes, there are others! – they stink to high heavens as they emit a foul oder when threatened or when you squash one.

This species of stink bug was accidentally introduced into the United States around the early 2000’s. The probably is they cause a serious threat to agriculture by causing pitting and scarring of fruits.

Kudzu Bugs

The kudzu bug was first discovered in the southeastern part of the United States back in 2009. Their distinctive color is olive green with black speckles all over their body. With an angular body shape, they are highly attracted to buildings or vehicles. Similar to stink bugs, kudzu bugs emit a foul odor as well, but the liquid that emits from their bodies can actually burn your skin or cause welts.

Kudzu bugs prefer to feed on kudzu, which seems like a good thing, but they have also acquired a taste for other green plants such as green beans and soybeans. They may quickly become an agriculture problem across the southeast.

What can you do to keep them out of your home?

These insects may find their way into your home by the dozens or even cause an infestation. What can you do about it? The first thing is to make sure all cracks are properly sealed. Be sure the seals along your doors and windows are in good condition. Also, keep doors closed and only open windows if you have screens. If you still find these unwanted pests inside your home, call the experts at Ameri Care Services.

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