Keep Roaches out of your Home or Business with these Tips

keep roaches out with these tips

keep roaches out with these tips

Nashville and Murfreesboro TN

Cockroaches also referred to as roaches, are nasty bugs that can invade your home, causing problems for homeowners and property managers of businesses. Not only do roaches carry harmful diseases that can easily be transmitted to humans, but also their feces can cause breathing problems for everyone living in the home. Although no one actually wants roaches in their home or business, there are certain things you may be doing that attract these unwanted pests.

Avoid getting infested with roaches by following these tips.

Properly maintain your home or business

Failing to maintain your home or business can create easy access for roaches. These pests only need a tiny hole or crack to slip through, and where there is one roach, there are much more! Routinely inspect the seals along your doors and windows. These are common entry points for any pest. You may need to replace the weather striping every so often to ensure a snug seal. If you still find that roaches are entering your home, check around the entry point of pipes and wires. You may need to call a professional to help seal up certain areas of your home.

Do the dishes

It is tempting, we know, to leave dirty dishes looming in the sink, especially after a long day of work. Even break rooms at work at known for being dirty with food crumbs on the counters, tables, and floors, as well as dirty dishes in the sink. Standing water and food waste attract roaches, too. So, if you do not want to create a welcoming environment for these unwanted bugs, resist the temptation to leave dishes in the sink or around the break room. Take extra precaution by ensuring all packaged foods are properly sealed and not left open. This includes cereal, bags of chips, crackers, candy, and other snack items that are not refrigerated.

For office workers, it is also ideal to eliminate eating or snacking in non-designated eating areas such as in cubicles or offices. At the least, be sure that food waste is disposed of properly.

Keep your house clean

Roaches specifically like clutter. Piles of stuff like boxes, old magazines, books and the like are perfect hideouts for any unwanted pest in your home, especially roaches. Clutter also makes it difficult to clean crumbs and spilled food, which attracts roaches. Be sure not to store items on the floor or leave stacks piled up on tables.

Business owners, this goes for you, too! Avoid having piles of boxes and files around cubicles and boxes. Instead, store these away in the proper storage facilities or closets, if you have any. Employees should keep clutter to a minimum around their offices as well. Too much clutter makes it difficult to keep work areas clean.

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