Are Pest Control Treatments Safe for Kids and Pets

is pest control treatments safe for kids and pets

is pest control treatments safe for kids and petsNashville and Murfreesboro TN

This is a common question we get when it comes to treating homes especially. If you are like most people, you probably associate “pest control” with the use of chemical treatments that are often assumed to be harmful or toxic. At Ameri Care Services, our approach to treating pests in your home (or business) is more of an integrated pest management approach – a safer solution to managing pests inside of your home.

Every day we expose ourselves to chemicals that are toxic to our bodies. For instances, we clean our homes with cleaners without using protective gloves, we pump gasoline without wearing protective clothing, use tobacco products recreationally, and even ingest medications that can produce harmful side effects. Even too much of a good thing such as water or oxygen can be harmful to our bodies. With that being said, Ameri Care Services uses products that are diluted, but strong enough to render effective results. We tend to use the least toxic product possible to rid your home of pests. Also, we are mindful of the placement of our products such as not saturating areas where kids or pets play, or we can apply these products in a way that prevents or minimizes their contact.


We also practice exclusion methods, which is a unique approach for each customer. Our technician will make recommendations to minimize or eliminate entry points such as reseal doors or windows with new weather stripping and seal cracks or holes in your home or along the foundation. The exclusion method helps reduce the need for indoor pest control treatments.


This is another tactic that can be used to combat pests in your home. Even if you seal up entry points, chances are a few pests will still get in because they are desperately looking for food, water or shelter. The key in this scenario is to eliminate what the pests are in search of by keeping your home clean, vacuum the floors and upholstered furniture regularly, take out the trash often, avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink, keep food sealed properly, and avoid clutter in your home.


Baits or non-toxic glue boards can be used as an effective form of pest control, without needing to use chemicals or spray formulations. Baits are typically ideal for irradicating an infestation of cockroaches or rats. We take care in placing these baits in areas that are inaccessible to kids or pets.

If our technician needs to, as a last resort, apply a chemical solution inside or around your home, you will be notified if any potential hazard and if the area needs to be quarantined until the solution dries. For most pest control services we provide, our solutions are safe and non-toxic to kids and pets, but we will be sure to inform you if we need to use a stronger solution or if necessary safety protocols need to be enforced.

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