Tried and True Ways to Getting Rid of Ants

tried and true ways to get rid of ants

tried and true ways to get rid of ants

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During these warmer months and into the fall, we long to go outside and enjoy the sunshine but there is something itching to get inside your home or invade your outdoor activities, ants! Many homeowners and businesses in Middle Tennessee, battle ant invasions this time of year, trying all sorts of methods to get rid of these pesky insects.

Here are some tried and true ways that may help prevent ants from entering in your home or business.

Picnic without ants

It is football time in Tennessee, which means plenty of grilling and outdoor festivities. If you enjoy eating outdoors on your patio, but despise the ants, try this trick. Use disposable pie plates to place under each table leg. Then, fill each one with water. Voila! The ants will not be able to crawl up the table! The reason this simple trick works is because ants do not water.


Whether you are dining indoors or out, be sure to leave nothing behind. Even a seemingly empty soda can or juice box still contains enough sugar residue to attract ants. Be sure to rinse these empty containers thoroughly before tossing them away or recycling them. Be careful to not leave any crumbs behind either. Ants love bread or cracker crumbs or anything sweet.


Setting traps is another way to rid your home or business of ants. Try mixing this simple solution and store in tightly sealed plastic containers.

  • 3 Tablespoons sugar
  • 1T Borax (found in the laundry aisle of your local grocery store)
  • Water – add only enough water to make a syrup-like consistency

Be sure to poke tiny holes in the lid and side of the container to allow the ants access while preventing pets and children from accessing the mixture. Humans or animals should never ingest this solution, as Borax can be toxic if ingested.

Find the ant colony

This may be difficult but by spraying vinegar along their trail, the ants will lead you back to their colony. If you can find where they live, you can kill the colony to prevent further infestation.

Eliminate the ant colony

Once you locate the ant colony outside, you can eliminate the ants by letting your water hose run water over the colony for ten minutes. Do this daily until you no longer see any activity.

Another option of eliminating the ant colony is to take a pot of boiling water, add some cayenne pepper and pour it over the colony. The water mixture will kill the ants instantly, and rinse them away.

Eliminate ant pheromones

Now that you have gotten rid of the ant colony, you need to eliminate their scent, known as pheromones. Do this by spraying a mixture of vinegar, water, and dish soap along all entryways, windows, and any other areas of access.

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