What’s Lurking in your Firewood

whats lurking in your firewood

whats lurking in your firewoodNashville and Murfreesboro TN

When the weather turns colder, using your fireplace to keep your home warm can make for comfort during the chilly season without adding to your energy bill. Wood fires provide an old-fashioned charm and a pleasant, smoky smell but, by bringing firewood into your home, you run the risk of opening your home to some unpleasant pests. Actions you take now while preparing your firewood for later this year could end up causing you pests to deal with later on.

Your local pest control experts at Ameri Care Services suggest you watch out for these insects in your next load of firewood:

  • Powderpost beetles are the most common type of insect to stow away in firewood. These insects lay eggs in the wood. Then their larvae hatch and tunnel their way out, leaving behind small holes and a cover of dust as evidence of their exit. Powderpost beetles usually will not damage wood flooring and walls, assuming those surfaces are varnished and sanded on a regular basis. These beetles can infest furniture, however, so be sure to keep your firewood away from any furnishings that contain significant amounts of wood.
  • Wood-boring beetles are another variety of the species that can tag along in your firewood. Also known as beetles, these insects live inside the bark of a tree, or between the bark and the heartwood. If wood infested with these beetles is placed near trees, these bark beetles could threaten all the trees on your property. You can prevent this threat by stripping bark from firewood or exposing the wood to high temperatures during the summer months.
  • Wood cockroaches are dark brown in color and especially prevalent on the East Coast. These insects shelter in wood but, if that wood is brought indoors, they can infiltrate your home. The good news is that these pests are easy to identify and swat off the wood and, even if a few do get inside, they will not last long inside your home assuming it is receiving regular service from a professional pest control company in Nashville like Ameri Care Services, LLC.
  • Carpenter ants pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of your home. These insects burrow into wood, where they make nests. If they are nesting in a piece of firewood, they easily can infiltrate any wooden walls and floors, where they tunnel and can cause significant structural damage. Carpenter ants only can nest in moist wood, so you can minimize your risk of infestation by these pests by only bringing in firewood that is completely dry and keeping standing water and other sources of moisture away from the wood once it is brought indoors.
  • Termites are well known as the most destructive pest associated with wood, and for good reason. These insects do more than $5 billion in property damage every year. Many of the same precautions that work against carpenter ants also help prevent termites: only bringing dry firewood into your home and separating it from moisture sources. Also, avoid stacking firewood against the side of your home; this also can make the wood appealing to termites. If you do detect live termites in a pile of firewood, move the entire pile of wood as far away from your home as you can—and do it as soon as possible.

Generally speaking, there are certain steps you can follow to lower your risk of pests using firewood as an entry point into your home. Keep it dry, well-ventilated and stored outdoors. Once you bring firewood indoors, use it right away. Prep your outdoor storage area. Raise your pile of firewood a few inches off of the ground to encourage circulation of air, and cover the wood to prevent dampness. Never store firewood in a garage or damp basement; the dark conditions may attract termites, which soon will infiltrate the wood of the structure.

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