What’s the Deal with all the Bees

whats the deal with these bees

whats the deal with these beesNashville and Murfreesboro TN

There are lots of insects flying around during the summer, but one in particular can just about drive you nuts, the bees. While some species of bees can sting, causing an allergic or deathly reaction for some people, some are actually good for the environment and are ones that we want around. One particular species of bee can seem like a bit of a nuisance as they keep flying around your porch and the eaves of your home. What are these bees? More than likely, they are carpenter bees.

What is the difference between Bumble and Carpenter bees?

Both species look very similar except carpenter bees are not social. They prefer to live in wood, specifically the wooden frame of a home or other structure. Carpenter bees tend to look shiny, are black and hairless unlike bumblebees, which have hair. Male carpenter bees cannot sting, and their responsibility is to protect the colony and ward off threatening insects. Female carpenter bees have the ability to sting, although rarely do so unless provoked or handled.

Will carpenter bees harm me, or my house?

Most likely, you have nothing to worry about as far as getting stung. The male carpenters do not sting, and females rarely sting unless provoked. The biggest concern is that carpenter bees can cause damage to your home or other wooden structure such as your porch. They like to build their nests inside of wood by burrowing tunnels where they will lay their eggs and raise their young, although these bees are not actually eating the wood. Their excrements may cause staining on your house in the area that they are nesting.

How do I know if I Carpenter bees?

Seeing carpenter bees fly around your home or porch could be a sign that you have an infestation. Openings or holes in the wood may also be apparent where the males have been burrowing. You may notice sawdust accumulate around the areas where they are boring into the wood of your home or deck. If this is the case, it is a sure sign of carpenter bees. Since their consistent burrowing can compromise the integrity of your home, it is best to have them properly exterminated by a professional. You do not want to attempt to remove a carpenter bee nest by yourself, leave it to the experts at Ameri Care Services.

How can I prevent Carpenter bees from returning?

Once the bees die and have been safely removed, the holes that they left behind can be sealed off and repainted. You can also apply a stain with polyurethane to the surface of all exposed wood. A liquid insecticide may also need to be applied, which would prevent the bees from returning and causing damage to your wood.

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