Keeping the Pest out of Your Home this Winter

keeping pest out this winter

keeping pest out this winterNashville and Murfreesboro TN

The cooler air outside drives pests to look for a temporary home inside. It is no surprise that a home or building provides pests with the protection they are searching for; it is warm and dry inside. Here are some tips to help winterize your home for the winter and keep pests out.

Remove habitat

As fall approaches, be sure to inspect your home and remove any signs of a habitat built by pests. Clean out your gutters and downspouts, eliminating any debris that has built up over the summer and fall. Be sure to remove any debris that has collected along the foundation of your home as well such as brush piles and leaves. Don’t let mulch rest against your home’s foundation either, as it harbors insects.

This step can be tricky because some habitats or nests can be downright dangerous to remove on your own. If there is any question as the safety of removing a pest or animal habitat, please contact a professional before proceeding.

Seal openings

Look around windows, doors, and crawl space and seal up any openings. You may need to replace the weather stripping around your doors to ensure a tight seal for the winter. Check around your home’s foundation for any cracks or openings that need repairs. Also, don’t forget about the vents in your attic or inside your crawl space. These can be easy access points for unwanted pests. Make sure your window screens are secure and without holes or openings to prevent easy access for bugs.

Home pest control services

Try as you might, but one way or another, pests will find their way into your home at some point. To keep infestations at bay, hire a professional pest control company such as Ameri Care Services to treat your home and property regularly. This way, unwanted pests will stay outside your home this winter and throughout the year.

Ameri Care Services provides consultations on winterizing your home to prevent pests. We can customize your treatments to ensure you receive the most for your money. To schedule a consultation or pest control service, contact Ameri Care Services today by calling (615) 823-8224. We provide pest control services to the Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, and Murfreesboro, Tennessee areas.