What to Expect From a Mold Remediation Company

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A tiny water leak or a dripping HVAC unit can become a huge problem for you when it results in mold. The most back breaking scrubbing may simply not suffice to get rid of mold effectively, and that is when you realize that it is time to call in the experts. But wait, do you know what these experts should do? Take a look at what you should expect from your mold remediation company.

Mold Inspection—A Critical First Step

The very first thing a competent mold remediation company will do is to start with a thorough assessment of your home with a mold inspection. This helps the professionals understand the extent of the problem which, in turn, tells them exactly what they should do to give you a thorough mold removal solution. Keep in mind that the mold removal expert should carry out a examination of the walls/surfaces as well as hidden areas (say, behind walls, in crevices, etc.) to ensure that he/she spots all the problem areas.

The professional may also take an air/ surface sample to check what kind of mold is infesting your home. This may be a legal necessity or it may be done to ensure that he/she knows how harmful the mold is to your health (for example, if you have black mold in your home). This is a good time to ask what has caused the mold in your home, so that you can take preventive measure in the future to keep such problems (and the attendant expenses) away.

The Actual Mold Removal and Clean up Process

The mold removal and clean up process can be simple or complex depending on the extent and type of mold infestation in your home. It may also depend on how accessible the infested areas are from the outside or from within the home. What you should know at this stage is that the professional should come with all the necessary equipment to remove the mold without contaminating your home. In some cases, it may be enough to spray your drywall with a disinfectant, but in others, the removal/clean up procedures may be far more complex.

When the infestation has started from or seeped into your HVAC, a thorough cleaning of all the components of this system is necessary. In some homes, the mold has infested the walls to such a degree that it becomes necessary to pull down insulation, drywall, etc. to clear the problem effectively. The items inside the home may be infested by mold and this means that cleaning of these items is necessary too.

Expect the pros to come in with protective suits and equipment designed to prevent further infiltration of mold within your home when they start the removal/clean up process. They may run hoses through to the mold infested area, bring in plastic sheets to cover your floors, and carry out other necessary precautions to keep your home’s interiors protected.

EPA Approved Mold Removal

Mold remediation companies that have been at the job for years use only EPA approved methods to kill the mold in your home. Verifying that your mold removal professional is aware of these is necessary since it could impact your health quite significantly. For example, bleach is commonly used to get rid of mold, but did you know that it is not approved by the EPA? A competent mold remediation professional will use EPA approved sprays on the affected areas. The spray continues to work in killing the mold even after the professional has left. This spraying may be followed up by a whitewash of the affected area to prevent any remaining mold from spreading further.

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