What should I do about Moisture in my Crawlspace

moisture in crawlspace

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If your home is built with a crawlspace under it instead of a basement, it is important that the area remains dry. Excess moisture underneath your home can lead to an overgrowth of mold and mildew that eventually makes its way up inside your home. Not to mention, homes continually breathe as the air flows, which means mildew in your crawlspace could contaminate the air within your home.

Your Nashville crawlspace waterproofing specialists at Ameri Care Services wants to share with you tips on what to do about moisture in your crawlspace. It is best to handle the situation as soon as you notice moisture under your home because ignoring the problem will only make matters worse later on.

What causes moisture?

Moisture evolves when warm air comes in contact with a warmer surface. In a crawlspace, moisture can lead to mold, and in severe cases, it can even cause beams or floor joists to rot, which would significantly compromise the integrity and safety of a home.

How to control moisture in a crawlspace

To prevent moisture in your crawlspace, do not allow water to run along or near your home’s foundation, and especially not inside of your crawlspace. The ground around your home’s foundation should be graded appropriately to direct water runoff away from your home.

Roof gutters should remain cleaned out and free of debris. Water runoff from the downspout should be directed away from the house. If water from gutters is allowed to accumulate around the home’s foundation, moisture can easily develop in the crawlspace and begin causing problems.

Even by following these measures, moisture can still develop in a crawlspace. This is because moisture is nearly always present in the ground, even during the hot summer months. Moisture from underlayers of the ground is constantly emerging, even under your home. Moisture begins to seep up into the crawlspace insulation, forming under floor beams, and can even reach up inside of walls and in the attic.

To prevent condensation and moisture problems in your crawlspace, be sure to maintain open vents throughout the year, even during the winter. Many homeowners think that closing their crawlspace vents during the winter will help conserve energy by preventing heat loss. However, even the winter months can bring about condensation and moisture in a crawlspace.

Another important factor in preventing moisture in your crawlspace in Nashville is to cover the ground under your house with a proper moisture barrier. A heavy moisture barrier made of polyethylene plastic of a 6 mill weight is thick enough to provide protection, yet won’t tear if someone needs to crawl or walk on it.

In some cases where vents are not enough to allow for proper airflow, a ventilation fan may need to be installed to force air out of the crawlspace.

Ignoring a moisture problem in your crawlspace can result in a health and safety hazard in your home. It is important to get it controlled and stop the moisture from compromising your home or your family’s health. Call the experts at Ameri Care Services for a free estimate. We can provide the proper barrier, ventilation, and more to ensure your home and crawlspace remain free of moisture.

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