Why Should I worry about Water in my Crawl Space

water in crawlspace

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A crawl space is a 2-3 foot tall earthen-based area under a house between the ground floor and first floor. It is only big enough to be accessed by a person crawling into it. The crawl space gives you access to the plumbing, electrical wiring, and heating and cooling systems of your house if you don’t have a basement. If you’re building your own house, a crawl space is much cheaper to create than a basement, which could cost as much as $150,000. It alleviates the problem of water pressure pushing against basement walls, which can seep into cracks and up in the living spaces of the house. However, sometimes, even crawl spaces get excessive moisture, and your Nashville waterproofing specialists at Ameri Care Services want you to know why, and what you can do about it.

What’s the Big Deal about Water in the Crawl Space?

Water will get into the crawl space from groundwater, plumbing leaks or heavy rain, but hopefully, it will evaporate quickly. If, however, water stands or puddles, the standing water will cause the humidity that results to rise into your house. Rising humidity in the living areas of your house will cause your electric bill to increase. Wood rot also is a common result of moisture around wood joists. Mold from humidity can seep into the air and cause a health hazard.

If you have standing water in the crawlspace, how do you fix it?

First of all, you have to stop water from getting into the space. Inspect the area for cracks to see if the water is getting in that way. If you find cracks in the foundation, call in a professional in case this is an indication of a structural problem with the house. Repair any leaks you might find, and insulate cold water pipes to eliminate condensation. Next, clean up the crawl space by removing debris and checking grading, gutters, and drainage. Replace wet insulation. Call in professionals to remove mold from any surfaces for safety reasons. Likewise, should you find asbestos, call in a professional asbestos abatement team, experienced in safe removal and disposal.

What is crawl space encapsulation?

Crawl space conditioning—the other term for crawl space encapsulation—is basically using a vapor barrier to completely seal the space by covering the floor and walls with plastic. The vents of the crawl space are sealed because even though it was thought that the vents blow out the moisture; contractors now think the opposite is true. The door to the crawl space might be replaced, and a sump pump, if needed, installed.

And the Cost?

Cost for crawlspace encapsulation will vary depending on the area to be covered, the type and grade of materials that are used, as well as additional factors such as clean up of any mold prior to the final installation. Make sure you get a company with lots of experience like Ameri Care Services.

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