7 Benefits of a Dehumidifier

benefits of dehumidifier

benefits of dehumidifier

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Have you ever wondered if dehumidifiers were worth all the hype? Maybe you’ve been interested in a dehumidifier for your home but didn’t know if it would be worth it. Ameri Care Services knows about the potential hazards that high levels of humidity in your home could create. That’s why we came up with this list of seven major benefits of owning a dehumidifier.

Benefit 1: Kick Allergies to the Curb

A dehumidifier will help handle problems like mold, mildew, and dust mites. These are all common triggers for people that suffer from allergies, and they all thrive in humid and dank climates. Eliminating the stagnant conditions that promote fungal growth and the like will help to control your allergies. Who likes to be sniffling and sneezing? Ameri Care Services knows that you don’t want to feel like that all of the time. We suggest dehumidifiers because they eradicate excess moisture in the air. A dehumidifier can save you money in the long run, too, because it allows you to prevent allergies instead of having to rely on medication for your symptoms.

Benefit 2: Natural Pest Repellent

A dehumidifier will not substitute as pest control treatment for your home or keep out every bug that’s ever existed. However, it will help to prevent dust mites. Dust mites are a microscopic pest that is a close relative of ticks and spiders. Dust mites like warm, humid areas. They tend to live in your upholstery, bedding, furniture, and carpets. Dry air is the enemy of dust mites, but buying and using your dehumidifier is the best way to get rid of them.

Benefit 3: Protect Your Investments

What’s your passion? It might be baseball cards, paintings, craft projects, toys, or even metal items. No matter what your hobbies include, we know you value these collections and keepsakes. You spend money (more than you can tell the spouse about) on it. You’ve devoted countless hours of your life to this hobby. Now for the bad news: mold, mildew, moisture, or even just the slightest dampness can ruin these possessions you’ve spent so much time and money to accumulate. A dehumidifier is like buying homeowner’s insurance. It’s a protection plan for your valuables.

Benefit 4: Preventing Condensation

You wake up in the morning and see moisture on the windows. That’s not good for your health or your home. This excess moisture can be stopped with the use of a dehumidifier by regulating the humidity levels in your home.

Benefit 5: Save the Electronics

Electricity and water don’t mix. Electronics and moisture are the same way. Too much moisture and your devices can corrode due to rust. Why risk frying an expensive TV if you could prolong its lifespan by investing in a dehumidifier? One way to check if your electronics are being exposed to excess moisture is to look for signs of moisture accumulating on your electronics. If any component looks rusty, then you probably have too much moisture.

Benefit 6: Reduce Odors

We’ve all been in places that smelled stale and dank. That wet smell is often a big red flashing light trying to warn you that you have mold or mildew in your home. The use of a dehumidifier will kill that stink. There’s only so long you can go spraying air freshener over a smell like that before you’ve spent the price of a dehumidifier in temporary solutions.

Benefit 7: Disturb the Mold

You’ve heard of breaking the mold? Well, your dehumidifier is about ready to disturb any mold or fungal growth that may be happening in your home. Perhaps you’ve started to notice water stains on the walls or ceilings. Well, then it’s time to invest in a dehumidifier for your home. Dehumidifiers can’t get rid of mold, but they can stop it from spreading.

Crawl Space and Basement Dehumidifiers in Murfreesboro

These are just some of the benefits of buying and using a dehumidifier. If you have any questions about which dehumidifier is right for you, contact the moisture experts at Ameri Care Services. We offer the SaniDry Crawl Space Air System to keep humidity at bay in your crawlspace or basement. The SaniDry draws nearly triple the amount of moisture from the air as competing products, and while using less electricity. To learn more about SaniDry or any of our other services in the areas of pest control, mold, and mildew removal or waterproofing, contact Ameri Care Services today at  (615) 893-7111 if you live in the areas of Nashville and Murfreesboro in Tennessee.