How a Moisture Problem Attracts Pests

moisture problem attracts pests

moisture problem attracts pestsNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

A cracked foundation and moisture create the perfect invitation for pests to enter the crawlspaces or basement of your home. Pests are on the constant lookout for a warm, comfortable place that will fulfill their basic needs, including food and water. When they find those nice and cozy places in your home, they will not leave voluntarily.

We have included a basic guide explaining how a moisture problem attracts pests and how to prevent future pest problems. When you uncover damage or pests that have gotten out of control, that is when you call a pest control company like Ameri Care Services to schedule an appointment for a technician to come to your home and determine the next steps to repair any damage, rid your house of the infestation, and block all possible entryways for potential new pests to enter.

  1. The presence of water – Because all living things need water to survive, the presence of moisture in your home is a magnet for pests. Check the pipes in your home to make sure there are no leaks. If you find water accumulated near your home, try to locate the source and repair it. In addition, make sure you remove all wet and water-damaged materials so they can be dried. It doesn’t matter if there is a little dampness in the air or your home is submerged in a flood, where there is water, there is a potential for a pest invitation.
  2. Remove or block pest hiding places – When the pests find water, they will look for a place to stay somewhere around it. By caulking crevices, keeping your home clean, and avoid storing paper bags, newspapers, or boxes over a long period of time, you can lower the possibility that when pests do enter your home, they will no stay as long.
  3. Block pest entrances – The first line of defense is to seal off all areas accessible to the outdoors. From adding screens on floor drains to sealing openings in the walls, foundation, and around doors and windows, all possibilities where a pest can enter need to be addressed. For example, your crawlspaces should be closed as it will increase energy efficiency and decrease moisture. In addition, closing the crawlspace has a dramatic decrease in insect infestations.
  4. Eliminate food options – Food is a critical part of survival and growth and can even fuel an already existing moisture problem. When food and water are present, pests will not leave. Physical removal of food is the first option to prevent infestations. Then, once all food is removed, consider pest-proof waste storage containers, so it makes it more difficult for the pests to linger.

Moisture inside your home or in your basement or crawlspace will attract unwanted pests. Once pests find the basic needs of food, shelter, and water, they have no reason to leave without the help of professional pest control services. Call Ameri Care Services at (615) 893-7111 in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to have one of our professional pest control specialists come to inspect your home for any signs of potential damage or infestations. We also can address any moisture or mold problems that your home may be experiencing.