Why is there Condensation in my Crawl Space, and what should I do About It?

condensation in crawl space

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Have you ever noticed condensation in your home’s crawl space? Even if you don’t see it with your own eyes, your crawl space may have a musty or damp smell. This can pose a significant problem for homeowners, as these are ripe conditions for attracting insects and other pests. Eventually, condensation or moisture in your crawl space leads to mold and fungus growth, posing a serious health hazard for anyone living inside the home. While you may assume that your crawl space vents should be enough to ventilate underneath your home, these vents usually aren’t effective. In fact, they may even make the problem worse! Today on the blog, our Nashville crawl space moisture specialists at Ameri Care share why condensation develops in crawl spaces and provide some helpful insight on what you can do about it.

Why is there condensation in my crawl space?

First, let’s look at how moisture or condensation gets under your home. Air contains vapor, and there’s more of it in warmer months like spring and summer. But there’s even vapor in winter air too. Air constantly flows underneath your crawlspace. Ambient temperatures in your crawl space keep this area cooler than the temperature outside during the warmer months. As warmer air enters the crawl space, the temperature changes, which also changes the vapor in the air to moisture or condensation. The humidity in the air increases approximately 2.2% for every degree that the air cools inside your crawl space. If the humidity reaches 100% or more, you’ll get condensation. Ductwork is another culprit of condensation forming in crawl spaces. During the summer, the ductwork carries air much cooler than the temperature outside, leading to condensation on the ductwork and other areas of the crawl space.

How can I prevent condensation in my crawl space?

Opening or closing your crawl space vents according to the season isn’t going to cut it. While state building codes require these vents, they don’t actually do anything to control the moisture levels inside your crawl space. The best way to prevent condensation under your home is to hire a professional to encapsulate it. Crawl space encapsulation seals the entire area with 20mil plastic sheeting, much thicker than the contractor-grade ground covering you may already have. The encapsulation covers all vents and includes a dehumidifier that is specially designed to control humidity levels in the entire crawl space. These crawl space humidifiers in Murfreesboro are much different than what you can purchase at the store. Ameri Care provides the SaniDry humidifier that uses a two-stage filtration system that filters particles as tiny as two microns. It removes up to three times as much moisture from the air as its competitors and does it while using less electricity.

Complimentary Crawl Space Inspection

Did you know that Ameri Care offers complimentary crawl space inspections? We will send one of our qualified technicians to inspect your crawl space to determine if your home could benefit from encapsulation and a professionally installed humidifier. If you’d like to schedule this consultation or learn more, please call (615) 893-7111 or contact us today. We provide pest control and crawl space and basement moisture services to homes and businesses in Middle Tennessee, including Murfreesboro, Nashville, Mt. Juliet, and Hermitage.