3 Ways to keep Pests from Bugging you this Fall

keep pest out this fall

keep pest out this fallNashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Stink bugs, mice, and spiders love to find their way indoors as the weather changes. As the temperature begins to drop here in middle Tennessee (hallelujah!), pests are looking for a warm, dry place to set up camp until spring arrives. These pests can transmit diseases and germs that aren’t healthy for you and your family, or pets if you have any. This is why Ameri Care Services, a top-rated pest control company in Murfreesboro, has three ways to help keep pests from bugging you this fall.

  1. Seal up any cracks or holes

Bugs, spiders, and mice love to hide out indoors as the weather cools, and your home may seem like the perfect spot. They can find their way in through the tiniest hole or crevice. It’s a good idea to take a gander around the inside and outside of your home, making sure to check windows an doors, as well as around spots where pipes or utility cords enter your home. Make sure any and all holes are sealed up. Most of these pests are quite small and can enter through a very small crack. Mice can access your home through a hole as small as their head! So, don’t make it easy for them to get inside – seal up any cracks, holes, or crevices that you find. Also, check the weatherstripping around doors and windows. Weatherstripping tends to wear out over time, allowing pests to gain entry to your home.

  1. Inspect your roof, fascia, and soffits

This is one area of your home that you probably don’t pay much attention to, let alone think about. But, pests can easily enter your home and infiltrate your attic and walls through the roof, fascia, or soffits. You might not think it is a big deal. After all, the pests aren’t actually inside your home at this point, but they pose a serious danger. Mice are notorious for chewing on insulation and wires, which could start a fire in your home! Plus, if a mouse gets stuck inside a wall and dies, let’s just say that’s one smell you will not want lingering around your house for days! So, inspect your roof, fascia, and soffits for any holes or cracks, or rotten wood that would attract pests in the first place.

  1. Keep your home clean

Let’s set the record straight. Just because your home is so clean even an army general would be impressed, doesn’t mean you won’t ever see a pest inside your home. But, maintaining a tidy home will help reduce the likelihood of pests showing up and establishing an infestation. Keep food in tightly sealed containers. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink for long periods of time. Take the trash out daily. Store pet food in a sealed container, and only put enough food in your pet’s dish that they can eat in one sitting (don’t leave their food bowls full of food all day or night). Sweep up crumbs, and keep counters clean. Also, avoid storing boxes inside your home and cut down on clutter. Pests love clutter because it provides a crafty hiding place, and some will chew up the materials to use as a nest.

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