6 Ways to Eliminate Mice Inside your Home

eliminate mice from home

eliminate mice from homeNashville and Murfreesboro TN

Mice are cute, furry little creatures – said no one ever! They are gross, disease-carrying rodents that are not wanted indoors. This time of year is when mice scurry to find shelter to keep warm throughout winter, and the shelter that they choose just might be your home. If you are looking for mice removal in Nashville, Ameri Care Services has six ways to help you eliminate these unwanted rodents from your home.

  1. Eliminate entry points

Mice can squeeze through the tiniest crack or hole. Usually, these entry points are around doors, windows, or where piping or wiring enters your home. Mice can pass through an opening the size of their skull, which is typically about ¼ of an inch! And, if they are able, they will use their teeth to gnaw at the opening to make it wider. So, be sure that you seal up any and all cracks and holes in and around your home, foundation, and crawlspace.

  1. Set Traps

If you think that mice are gaining access to your home, set some traps to catch them. This is a sure way to remove mice that are already inside your home. Place traps along the baseboards, and near doors. Be sure to keep the traps out of reach from kids or pets. When setting traps, be sure to choose the best bait. Some popular options are peanut butter, cheese, cracker crumbs, or pet food.

  1. Keep your house clean

While a clean home won’t necessarily deter mice, a dirty home is certain to attract them. Clean your home often by vacuuming the floors, wiping counters, and always keep dishes clean and put away or loaded in the dishwasher. Never leave food or dirty dishes lying around or in the sink, as this provides an immediate food source for mice. Store all food, including pet food, in properly sealed containers. Also, don’t let your home become a storage unit. In other words, avoid keeping boxes and piles of stuff sitting around your home as this provides easy shelter for mice and places for them to hide. If you must store items in your attic or garage, be sure to keep them in a tightly sealed container so that mice cannot get inside and damage your stuff.

  1. Tackle mice outside your home

Keep piles of wood and other things away from your home. Just like inside, these piles attract mice and provide a safe place for them to hide. Keep your grass trimmed to an appropriate height. Also, lining the foundation of your home with gravel could prevent mice from burrowing under mulch.

  1. Get a cat

Cats are notorious for catching mice. You may want to consider getting a cat to keep either indoors or outdoors to help keep the mice activity to a minimum.

  1. Hire a pest control company

If you don’t really want to get a cat, you can always count on a professional pest control company like Ameri Care Services. Ameri Care Services can bait, and remove mice from your home or business. We also can provide an assessment to determine where the mice are entering to prevent them from returning.

If you would like to learn more about the services that we offer to Murfreesboro, Hermitage, and Nashville, please call (615) 893-7111. Mice are cute, furry little creatures – said no one ever! They are gross, disease-carrying rodents that are not wanted indoors.