Bugs die off during Winter, and other Common Pest Myths

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At Ameri Care Services, we hear a lot of myths about pests. With millions of different types of pests and insects, it’s easy to become misinformed, like that bugs die off during the winter (which isn’t true!). So, we thought we would bust common myths about pests so that home and business owners can be better prepared to deal with these annoyances.

  1. Cockroaches run away when the lights are turned on

If you’ve ever stayed at a roach motel (code for a dirty, roach-infested motel), you know what we are talking about! If not, then let’s set the scene for you. You enter a room, and what’s the first thing that you do? Turn on the lights! And then, the hair on the back of your neck stands as straight as an army ranger as you see a cockroach (or cockroaches) scurry across the room in search of a hiding spot. Most people think that roaches are afraid of light, hence why they scurry away so quickly when you enter the room. But, it’s not light that scares them – it’s you! Roaches sense movement with their cerci, which are appendages on their hind ends.

  1. Mice and rats enter small holes because they have no bones

Have you ever heard that a mouse can enter a hole as small as a dime? Or that rats can squeeze through an opening the size of a quarter? Well, these statements are absolutely correct, but it isn’t because these rodents don’t have any bones. It’s just that whatever size hole their head will fit through, the body will follow. Bones or no bones, you probably don’t want them in your house either way!

  1. Mice are just baby rats

Mice and rats are actually two different types of rodents. There are various other types, such as the deer mouse, house mouse, and white-footed mouse, which are the most common home invaders. Rats are much larger, and the Norway and Palm rats are the most common species found in homes.

  1. Bugs die off during cold winters

We hear this a lot. Many people think that a harsh, cold winter is good because it will kill off some of the bugs and their larva. This just isn’t true. Bugs don’t die off during the winter. Instead, they find their way indoors, and some find places in the wild to hide and hibernate during the cold winter months.

  1. My cat is all the pest control I need

If we had a dollar every time we heard this one! While cats are known to catch mice, they can’t be relied on for effective rodent prevention. Remember, mice and rats are used to living outdoors and being hunted by predators. They know how to avoid being caught! Look at Tom and Jerry, that poor cat will never catch that mouse! While having a cat hanging around your home or outside your home may help a little, don’t expect your furry kitty to take care of all of the mice around!

Pest Control Services in Nashville

Don’t fall for these pest myths! Instead, be prepared and keep you and your family safe by relying on professional pest control treatments provided by Ameri Care Services. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office by calling (615) 893-7111. We provide pest control and waterproofing services to homes and businesses in Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet, and Nashville.With millions of different types of pests and insects, it’s easy to become misinformed, like that bugs die off during the winter (which isn’t true!).