Creepy, Crawly, Coughing? How Pests can cause Breathing Problems

pest cause breathing problems

pest cause breathing problemsNashville and Murfreesboro TN

Did you know that it’s been estimated that 1 out of every 13 Americans suffers from asthma? That adds up to more than 26 million people! Millions more Americans deal with allergies which, when they flare up, can cause breathing difficulties and other health problems. If you have a pest problem in your home, any existing issues with allergies or asthma likely will magnify. Read on to see how household pests can make it harder for you to breathe at home, and how your Nashville pest control professionals at Ameri Care Services can help.

Cockroaches, mice, and rats all can cause problems for people with allergies and asthma

It’s been common knowledge for decades now that cockroaches can trigger asthma attacks, especially for asthmatics who also are allergic to these insects. The presence of cockroaches inside also can cause asthma to develop in young children, especially if at least one of their parents has asthma and/or allergies. Mice and rats also can trigger asthma attacks in people who already have asthma.

Want to reduce these threats? Keep these pests out of your home

This starts by identifying where indoor pests live and how they are gaining entry inside. Remember that pests need food, water, and shelter. Household pests prefer to live in areas that are dark or damp: under kitchen appliances, inside walls, and in cardboard boxes. Attics, basements, and crawlspaces also are popular habitats for pests like cockroaches and rodents.

Follow these tips to defend your home against pests:

  • Keep food in containers made of plastic or glass that are kept closed and sealed.
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink or any room of the house.
  • Pick up and empty your pets’ food and water dishes each night.
  • Clean up food crumbs and any liquid spills on your kitchen floor each day.
  • Sweep and mop frequently.
  • Take out the trash each day, and don’t let it overflow. Use heavy-duty bags and trash cans with lids to keep out pests.
  • Be vigilant of any plumbing leaks or other moisture problems. If they develop, fix them as soon as possible.
  • Use plastic tubs that seal for storage, rather than cardboard boxes.
  • Make sure to seal any cracks and openings on the edges of doors and windows, or in the foundation of your home.

Pest Control in Nashville

We hope that you never experience an infestation of pests in your home, but if you do, it’s better to trust pest control professionals like the team at Ameri Care Services to take care of the problem. We have experience working to eliminate all type of pests and prevent them from returning. Regular maintenance treatments will help keep away pests. To find out more, call (615) 893-7111 to receive a free estimate over the phone, or schedule an on-site consultation with one of our pest control technicians in Nashville.

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