Do I need ongoing Pest Control in Nashville during the Winter?

pest control in winter

pest control in winterNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

As temperatures fall around Middle Tennessee, pesky critters begin to seek shelter from the cooler temperatures. A favorite location for pests to migrate is within your home or business’s walls and hidden spaces. Pest proofing your property can help keep spiders, rodents, cockroaches, and ants at bay this fall. One of the leading pest control companies in Nashville, Ameri Care Services, explains more about pest-proofing your home and why you need ongoing pest control in Nashville during the winter.

What is pest-proofing?

The best way to keep pests out of your home is to block their entry. To begin, inspect the exterior of your home for cracks or crevices where small bugs or rodents could gain access. Be sure to look around pipes or other utility lines that enter your home or business for small areas that could allow pests inside. Certified Murfreesboro pest control technicians recommend homeowners to seal any openings around pipes or in the foundation with silicone-based caulk. Also, check the seal around your windows and door frames to ensure there is no entry point for smaller pests. Checking and replacing weather-stripping around doors can ward off sneaky pests as well.

Next, check the surrounding trees and shrubbery for branches that may contact your home or business’s side or roof. Pests can easily enter your home when they crawl across a limb to your roof or siding. Be sure to remove mulch or woodpiles a minimum of 15 inches away from your property’s side or foundation to prevent pests who feed on wood decay out of your domain. The Nashville pest control specialists at Ameri Care recommend repairing damaged fascia and rotted roof shingles as they could attract pests. Also, keeping garbage in sealed containers that regularly get disposed of is critical for minimizing your home or business’ pest problems. If you have an outdoor or indoor pet, avoid leaving pet food in dishes as it attracts pests because it is a significant food source.

Finally, Nashville homes or businesses that have crawlspaces, attics, or basements must take extra precautions. When those areas become moist or have high humidity levels, it could attract pests because of the water source. Since basements, attics, and crawlspaces are prone to humidity and moisture, it is critical to ensure those areas remain well ventilated and dry year-round. The basement and crawlspace waterproofing professionals in Murfreesboro at Ameri Care can install a vapor barrier that will not only keep moisture out of the space but it will also keep pests from entering your home this fall.

Pest Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Protecting your home or business from pests this fall can be simple when you take the proper precautions for preventing pests. Sealing areas around your home or business can reduce the invasion of pests. However, if you find pests in your home or business this fall, feel free to request professional help with the experienced pest control company in Nashville, Ameri Care Services. Call our office at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online so that you can have a pest-free fall and winter!