Does Natural Pest Control Actually Work?

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Studies show that peppermint tea repels mice and spiders, and it is completely natural and safe. But, do natural pest control solutions actually work? Find out more on our newest blog and decide for yourself which method of repelling pests is best for your home or business in Nashville.

How does peppermint tea keep away pests?

A few used bags of peppermint tea can be an effective deterrent for mice. This works because the smell of peppermint irritates the noses of mice, driving them away from your home or business. We recommend placing at least four tea bags in every room where you have seen evidence of an infestation. This is a tried-and-true and all-natural method of pest control for mice that have been used for centuries and often yields successful results in as little as two days.

Peppermint oil can repel spiders as well. Simply put about five drops of peppermint oil in a 16-ounce spray bottle. Fill it with water, add a dollop of dish soap, and shake well. Spray the solution around the doors and windows of your home, as well as the outside perimeter. For more natural options to deal with spiders, then using cinnamon or lemon oil can be your ticket to clearing up the infestation. Lemon oil has long been used as a natural deterrent for spiders and can kill spider mites, too. If you want to minimize the likelihood of spiders ever entering your home, just sprinkle ground cinnamon around the exterior of your dwelling on a semi-regular basis. The smell will drive them away—perfect for any arachnophobes out there!

Follow these steps to keep spiders and rodents away from your home

These natural insect repellants may sound nice, but usually are not as effective as prevention and professional pest control treatments. Keep your kitchen clean and remove trash at least once a day to remove food sources that could attract pests. If you want additional protection against the infestation of mice, seal your home and clean out any potential nesting areas.

Remember that dust and dirt in any corner of your home could become an ideal hiding spot for spiders and other creepy, crawly pests. Sweep and vacuum regularly, and be sure to clean window sills and frames at least once a week as a preventive measure against spider webs. Keep an eye on indoor plants as well, as these are popular locations for spiders to spin webs.

Pest prevention in Nashville

At Ameri Care Services, we recognize that any infestation of pests is a stressful experience. If this happens to your home or business, you can trust us to provide prompt, professional service to resolve your pest problem. We also can perform preventive treatments on the interior and exterior of your home, using a solution that will keep away pests while also being safe for your family and pets. Call (615) 893-7111 to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation or evaluation with one of our pest control professionals.

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