Why hiring the right Pest Technicians Matter

hiring the right pest technician

hiring the right pest technicianNashville and Murfreesboro TN

At the first signs of a pest problem in your home, you probably are tempted to handle the problem yourself. While it may seem like you are saving money by doing this yourself, pest control is best left to the professionals at Ameri Care Services. You can leave the do-it-yourself projects for gardening or refinishing your old furniture.

Here are four reasons why hiring the right pest technicians matter:

  1. Access to professional-grade products

We know that you can purchase pesticides from local hardware stores, but these solutions are quite weak compared to our professional-grade products. These store-bought varieties may seem like they are doing the job, but we will bet you that your pest problem will quickly resurface in no time. Our professional-grade solutions are safer for kids and pets and are proven to kick your pest habit for good.

  1. Locate pest entry points

Pests can enter your home from many different access points. Doors and windows are common areas, but other entry points may not be so noticeable to most people. It takes a trained eye and expertise to locate pest entry points. Once we locate these areas, we can seal them off or make recommendations for you to handle if it requires extensive carpentry work.

  1. Identify the underlying cause

It takes a pest control expert to get to the root cause of any pest problem. Not only do we get rid of your pests, but we find out what is attracting them to your home in the first place. Our trained technicians know just how to pinpoint the cause of your pest problem be it ants, mice, or cockroaches, and we can make suggestions for you to remedy the problem to prevent future infestations.

  1. Can safely apply pesticides

All pesticides can be toxic if not used properly. Therefore, it is essential that the chemicals be used and applied correctly, and in a safe manner. Our trained pest technicians in Nashville at Ameri Care Services know just how to do this to keep you and your family safe, including any pets if you have them. Not only can we use pesticides safely, but do so in the most effective manner.

Great pest technicians in Nashville

If you are looking for high-trained, and highly rated pest technicians in Nashville, Ameri Care Services has what you are looking for. We can take care of typical household pests like ants, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, and termites. If you are dealing with a pest problem, it is best to leave it to the pros at Ameri Care Services. We can provide you with a free estimate, discuss the pest control services that we offer that is best suited for you, and suggest tips to help keep your home free of pests for the long-term. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, please call our office at (865) 475-2225.

We provide pest control services to homes and businesses in Nashville, including Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, and Murfreesboro.