How to Prepare for the Cicada Storm this Summer

cicada storm

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A visit from cicadas can make outdoor summer life challenging to enjoy. From the loud mating song they sing, you can hear up to a half-mile away to shedding their skins on yards and patios; the cicada is one pest often unwelcome by humans. The professional pest control company in Nashville, Ameri Care Services, provides some information about how to prepare for the cicada storm this summer.

What are cicadas?

Cicadas are an insect, commonly incorrectly referred to as locusts, that are approximately two to three inches in length depending on the species. Cicadas have large, transparent wings and either large black or red eyes set apart on their head. Two primary groups of cicadas exist – annual and periodical. Annual cicadas in the U.S. emerge every year, but they are not nationwide. The experienced pest control experts in Murfreesboro explain that periodical cicadas emerge every 13 – 17 years, depending on the species. Periodical cicadas have charts that indicate when and where the pests will appear because they are very predictable.

Are cicadas harmful to humans like some other pests?

Some pests carry diseases or germs that can be harmful to you or your family. Other pests may bite or sting when they feel threatened. Fortunately, cicadas are not detrimental to humans because they do not carry diseases, nor do they bite or sting. However, as strong flyers, they may run into you or your car as you move around outside because they are generally clumsy when flying. Pest control experts in Nashville express no major health concern over cicadas.

Can cicadas cause an infestation in my home?

During the warm months, you may enjoy opening windows or doors to let some fresh air into your home. When the cicadas arrive and open your windows and doors, it allows the pest to enter. However, cicadas cannot breed indoors as they emerge from the soil and lay eggs on plant leaves and trees. Therefore, when a cicada finds its way inside, try to catch it and put it back outside. Ameri Care Services’ experienced pest control team in Murfreesboro assures you that the interior of your home will be safe from an infestation of cicadas.

How do I get rid of cicadas?

There are no chemical remedies beneficial enough to protect your plants and trees from cicadas unless you own an ornamental plant nursery or orchard. The Nashville pest control professionals explain that in-ground chemical treatments are also ineffective against migrating populations.

However, you can do a few activities to lessen the damage to your plants or trees during the cicada season.

  • Removal by Hand – You can wear a pair of gloves and handpick the adults and nymphs off your plants when there is a small number of them. A more prominent emergence could make it difficult to continuously handpick cicadas from every plant and tree in your yard.
  • Garden Hose – Using your garden hose to spray the cicadas from your plants, trees, and patios can help keep them from damaging precious plant life.
  • Barrier Tape and Aluminum Foil – Covering your tree’s trunk with aluminum foil causes landing and reproduction problems of the cicada and can protect your plant life. You can also wrap bushes with sticky bands or barrier tape to prevent the cicadas from taking over the plant.
  • Netting – Young plants and trees are especially vulnerable to cicada activities. Therefore, you can drape netting with openings smaller than what a cicada can fit through over the plant or tree. Once the cicadas disappear, remove the net, and your plant or tree can continue a healthy life.

Pest Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

The cicada’s life is short as it lives from 14 – 50 days and only emerges to mate and lay eggs to preserve the species. Although cicadas are an inconvenience of noise and needing to sweep the patio, they are a small part of how the planet works. If you have any questions or need more information about cicadas or pest control, feel free to contact our knowledgeable Nashville pest control experts at Ameri Care Services by calling (615) 893-7111 or contact us online today.