Pest Control for Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Facilities

pest control for long term care facillities

Nashville and Murfreesboro TN

Pest management is one thing to try and manage in your home, but it is even more difficult in long-term care facilities such as rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and private healthcare facilities. These types of environments are particularly hard to handle in the event of a pest infestation. Ameri Care Services understands the plight that can come from untreated long-term care facilities. We are not only equipped to handle these kinds of situations, but we also specialize in prevention. Ameri Care Services wants to provide your long-term care facility with an individualized plan for treatment of your building. We also want you to understand why it is important to keep your facility as pest-free as possible.

Why are pests a threat to long-term healthcare facilities?

Protecting a healthcare facility from pests is complex. There are usually multiple entrances, numerous hidden spaces, and a constant change of people shifting in and out. Containment of a pest threat is nearly impossible because of these factors. Assisted living communities, nursing homes, drug and alcohol treatment centers, and rehabilitative centers all must be as sterile as possible. A pest problem could risk giving patients infections or diseases.

What pests pose the greatest threat?

Long-term care buildings often encounter pest offenders like cockroaches, mice, and bed bugs. While these hard-to-remove pests are an issue, long-term care facilities actually suffer from a variety of pests. Because long-term care facilities are essentially multi-family housing, there also are risks for infestation from the likes of flies, ants, stink bugs, boxelder bugs, cluster flies, Asian lady beetles, ladybugs, rodents, and more. If you’re not experienced in the field of pest control, then you should try to understand that all of the previously listed pests require different methods of specialized removal. That’s why Ameri Care Services wants to use our experience to safeguard your buildings, staff, and patients.

Quickly dealing with pests is the only way to ensure health and safety

Preventative treatment or early treatment are the best ways to go in a situation, especially in a facility that operates on a 24-7 basis. We also recognize that pesticides and chemical odors can put both your patients and staff at risk. Ameri Care Services doesn’t want you to make a mistake that could harm someone. We have treatments that are safe and effective in resolving pest problems in long-term care environments.

Professional Pest Control for Businesses in Nashville

How can you get the help you need? Ameri Care Services can offer you a free estimate and consultation today over the phone, then have one of our professional pest control technicians come out and perform an on-site evaluation of any existing threats and potential vulnerabilities to a pest infestation. We can make a specialized plan that fits all of your long term care facility’s pest prevention needs. Don’t think twice about calling the professionals when it comes to protecting your business. Ameri Care is committed to bringing quality service and great prices. We offer our pest control and exterminator services in Nashville, Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet and Hermitage, TN. Long-term care doesn’t mean you should wait too long to protect against pests. Contact Ameri Care Services today at (615) 893-7111.