Unsuspecting Diseases caused by Mice

diseases from mice

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Rodents are everywhere around us, and their instinct is like every other living thing on this planet – survival. Sometimes, that means they make their way indoors, where they aren’t wanted, searching for food and shelter. The thoughts or sights of mice in your home may make the hair on your neck stand up, while for some, it may be nothing more than a nuisance. Murfreesboro pest company, Ameri Care, wants to share with you the unsuspecting diseases that mice carry and could potentially transmit to humans. It’s important to understand the seriousness of these diseases and how to protect you and your family against this common household pest.

Rate-Bite Fever

This potentially fatal infectious disease can be easily spread by infected rodents. The disease also can be transmitted by consuming food that has been contaminated by rodents. Mice could easily contaminate food while rummaging through cabinets or pantries searching for open boxes of food or packaged snacks. If you’re dealing with a mouse problem in your Murfreesboro home, be sure to keep all packaged food properly sealed in an airtight container and prewash your dishes and cookware before use.

Bubonic Plague

This particular disease may sound like something from ancient times. However, it is still alive and transmittable today from an infected rodent flea. Symptoms of the bubonic plague include headache, fever, and painful, swollen lymph nodes. If you have a mouse problem, you likely have a flea problem. Both of which can easily be eradicated by hiring a top-rated pest control company in Murfreesboro like Ameri Care.


You probably associate salmonella with food poisoning, but it also has to do with mice. Rodent feces can contaminate food, causing salmonella. It is essential to practice proper cooking methods and temperatures when preparing food raw meat. Be sure to store fresh meat in the refrigerator, and use only properly cleaned cookware to prepare your meals. Also, be sure to thoroughly wash produce before consumption. Signs that you may be sick with salmonella include fever, diarrhea, and stomach discomfort.


This potentially life-threatening disease can be transmitted by rodents to humans through the white-footed deer mouse. Inhaling or being otherwise exposed to rodent urine, saliva, or droppings increases your chance of becoming infected with the hantavirus. Your risk increases when living in small, close-quarters where there also are deer mice.

How to keep mice out of your house

If you have evidence of mice inside your home, it is time to take action to protect the health of you and your family. Hiring a professional pest control company means taking control over the infestation, although there are other actions you can take to keep mice away.

  • Check around your home for any holes
  • Ensure weather seals, and stripping is intact around doors and windows
  • Reduce clutter
  • Keep home clean
  • Take the trash out daily
  • Avoid leaving food or dirty dishes out
  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Keep pet food stored, and only put out what your pet will consume in one sitting

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