What are Earwigs and Tips for getting Rid of Them


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The last thing any homeowner wants to see in their home is creepy crawling bugs. Whether large or small, pests can send a shiver of disgust throughout your entire body. Earwigs are one of those pests that are common here in Tennessee. They look like they arrived from another planet, and the name alone is enough to make your skin crawl. The fact is that earwigs are harmless to humans, but they generate feelings of uneasiness just the same. To help you combat this pest, Murfreesboro’s top-rated pest control company, Ameri Care, shares information about earwigs and some tips for getting rid of them.

What does an earwig look like?

An earwig is a small insect measuring about ¼ – 1 inch in length with a black or brown body, antennae, six legs, wings, and a leathery appearance. The pincers attached to their abdomen is their most notable feature and is the one most disturbing to homeowners. Earwigs use their pincers for hunting food, self-defense, and reproduction. Your leading pest control company in Murfreesboro, Ameri Care, warns against picking up an earwig as it may attempt to pinch you. However, earwigs are non-poisonous, not disease-carrying pests, and their pincers are not likely to break the skin. And, despite their name, they won’t crawl into your ears!

Where do earwigs live?

As a nocturnal insect, earwigs choose to live in cold, moist areas during the day while venturing out at night in search of food. You may find these tiny pests in a leaf or mulch pile, in small cracks and crevices, in holes located in trees or the ground, and inside your home near water sources. Your pest control technician in Nashville from Ameri Care advises that earwigs typically live together in large quantities and will scurry when discovered or exposed. Earwigs enter your home through small cracks and crevices in walls or unfinished basement or crawlspace areas. Earwigs may even hide in the dirt and soil tracked into your home from the soles of your shoes.

What do earwigs eat?

Dead or decaying plant matter and vegetation like leaves and flowers are the earwigs chosen entrées. Also, earwigs can hunt and eat arthropods and other insects. Although earwigs search for food during the night, they can damage your garden by eating your seedlings or fruit. Your certified Murfreesboro pest technicians from Ameri Care bust the old urban legend that earwigs do not crawl in your ears to eat your brains while you sleep.

How do I get rid of earwigs?

Preventing earwigs from entering your home is the best method of ensuring you do not cross one at night. Properly seal exterior cracks and holes in the walls with caulk or a mesh screen small enough to keep earwigs from entering your home. Also, keep decaying matter such as trees, leaves, and woodpiles away from your home, as earwigs find those items a welcoming sight. After sealing your home and basement, if you still see earwigs, it is time to contact your Nashville pest control professionals at Ameri Care for an extensive property evaluation and eradication treatment to provide you peace of mind.

Pest Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Earwigs, or any other pest you come across in your home, can induce the feeling of disgust. By exercising simple prevention methods and getting your house sprayed for pests, you can live in a pest-free home. If you have seen earwigs in your home or you would like to schedule an evaluation, feel free to contact your Murfreesboro certified pest control company, Ameri Care Services, by calling (615) 893-7111 or request an evaluation online today.