What Pests Emerge in Nashville During the Spring?

pest in spring

pest in spring Nashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

As the Nashville temperatures warm up, pests emerge and begin taking over your outdoor and sometimes indoor living spaces. The same as the flowers and trees bloom, the insects quickly appear as the weather warms. While some species benefit nature during the warm temperatures, some are a nuisance. The experienced pest control company in Nashville, Ameri Care Services, explains in this post what pests emerge during the spring and how to rid your home of intruders.

  • The Common Ant – As a harmless but common intruder, the ant seeks food scraps, crumbs, sugar, or sometimes a perfect picnic on which to feed. Mostly marching in an army-like line, they bring your food back to their colonies. Typically, they do not bite nor sting, but they can be extremely annoying. However, if you notice carpenter ants inside your home, make sure you call the qualified pest control service in Murfreesboro. Keep in mind; there is never a single ant. They come in colonies, so be on the lookout from where they are entering your home.
  • The Ladybug – The Ladybug is one of the most recognized bugs. The cute red bodies with the black polka dots can spend the winter inside your home. Like the ants, it is rare to see one ladybug as they hibernate in large quantities. Most of the houses the trained pest control technicians in Nashville visit show signs of ladybugs in window sills during the fall season. So, keep an eye out for ladybugs and remove them from the window sills when you see them to avoid attracting other pests.
  • The Termite – Insect responsible for costing billions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses each year are termites. Small but mighty, these pests become more active with warm weather in the spring. If you notice discarded wings on your window sills, mud tubes on the inside or outside of your home, or hollow-sounding wood areas, it is critical to hire a professional termite inspector in Murfreesboro to treat your home for wood-destroying insects. A thorough inspection will provide more information about the extent of damage and available treatment options.
  • The House Fly – As one of the most annoying and filthy pests, it is critical to keep these pests from your home. From promptly removing trash and food debris to regularly washing your trash cans, you can reduce the house fly presence in your home. A common way to keep house flies out of your home is to use screen windows and doors if you would like to keep your windows open. You can also use fly strips near common entryways such as near the garage, front door, or back door to reduce entry.

Pest Control Services in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

When spring arrives with all its beauty, so do the insects and pests. You can purchase some simple home remedies online or buy them in the local store to help with your spring insect problem. However, these products are no comparison to professional pest control services in Nashville. Call Ameri Care today to schedule your consultation by dialing (615) 893-7111 or contact us online.