Why Cockroaches come Inside and what to do about it

why cockroaches come inside

why cockroaches come insideNashville and Murfreesboro, TN

A common myth is that cockroaches only show up when there’s filth. That is far from the truth! These disease-carrying insects can be seen in even the cleanest homes (or businesses). Even if your home is spotless, you could still get a cockroach infestation. It may leave you wondering, “why is this happening, and what can I do about it?”

Ameri Care Services, a top-rated pest control service company in Murfreesboro, wants to explain this reasoning and provide some ways to help you maintain a roach-free home or business.

  1. They are excellent hitchhikers

Cockroaches have been known to hitch rides in packages, grocery bags, bags of fruit or produce, furniture, luggage, and cardboard boxes. Pretty much anything they can crawl into or on that is transported from one place to another, could bring cockroaches into your home.

To prevent this, be sure to check grocery bags, luggage, furniture, or anything else that you bring into your home. While groceries may need to be put away rather quickly, plan on leaving furniture, boxes, or packages outside (if possible) or in your garage while inspecting them.

  1. You live in a multi-family dwelling

Multi-family dwellings, like apartments, condominium units, and town-homes, are preferred areas for cockroaches because there are lots of people coming and going all of the time, and different habitats they can choose from. Plus, if one home becomes infested with cockroaches, the chances are that they will begin showing up in your home as well.

To prevent cockroaches in this manner, be sure that your walls, electrical outlets, and any other entry points are sealed up well. Also, speak to your landlord if you are renting and ask about pest control services. If you own your condo or town home, then you may want to consider hiring a professional pest control company that offers treatments.

  1. You have cracks or holes somewhere that provides easy entry

Cockroaches and other pests find their way indoors through cracks and crevices looking for food, water, and shelter. These generally are areas that you probably don’t notice, so it is a good idea to inspect your home regularly.

Here’s what to look out for. Check around your home’s foundation for any cracks and seal any that you find. Also, check the door and window seals as they tend to wear out over time, and create an ideal entry point for these pests and others. Be sure also to check around where any plumbing, wires, or vents lead inside your home.

Cockroaches are nocturnal, which means they prefer to travel and feed at night. Seeing cockroaches, even just one during the day could indicate an infestation. Other signs may be an unpleasant odor, droppings that look like coffee grounds, or oval-shaped cockroach eggs. If you noticed any of these signs of a cockroach infestation, contact Ameri Care Services by calling (615) 893-7111. We can provide you with a consultation to determine if you have a cockroach infestation, and if you do, provide necessary pest control treatment. We provide pest control services to homes and businesses in Nashville, including Hermitage, Mt. Juliet, and Murfreesboro.