Why Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company is Smart

hiring professional pest control

hiring professional pest controlNashville and Murfreesboro TN

Anyone that has seen, heard, or smelled a pest in the house has had that horrible feeling of “what to do next.” We all wonder if we can just deal with it ourselves or hire professionals. Pests are harmful to us mentally, physically, and economically. We all want to handle problems ourselves, but sometimes we need professional help. There are strong reasons for hiring a pest control company and your partners at Ameri Care Services have provided some important insights to help you make this important decision.

What Problems do Household Pests Cause?

Besides being gross and creepy, household pests can cause real problems. Pests like mice and rats are dirty and can carry harmful diseases. They eat almost anything and will poop and pee on anything. Pests like ants and roaches eat our food and ruin our groceries. Roaches can cause asthma attacks too. Seeing a crawling bug is disgusting and discouraging. Pests like stink bugs and earwigs may not be harmful, but they are so very hard to get rid of because of their numbers. Finally, pests like termites and carpenter ants are destructive! These silent offenders can ruin our homes and repairing their damage can ruin our finances!

Reasons to Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

Most of us would love to handle our own problems, but some things are just beyond our abilities. Like hiring a doctor to treat an illness or repair an injury, hiring a pest control company in Nashville to get rid of pests just makes sense. Reasons for hiring professionals are innumerable.

They include:

  • It is cheaper. Although the initial investment is more expensive with a professional, it may end up being the cheaper alternative. Many homeowners purchase treatment after treatment – sprays, dusts, and baits in every shape, size, and color – in a vain attempt to rid themselves of pests. Pest control companies can eliminate pests quickly the first time and can provide warranties to assure success without extra costs.
  • It takes less of your valuable time. Most of us work full time. Battling pests is a full-time profession. We don’t have the time to do the proper research and application of the pros. Instead of spending a lot of time, money, and effort on attempts that could very well fail, leave the hard work to a professional and hire an expert.
  • Identification and a plan of attack. Professionals are trained to identify and eliminate pests quickly and efficiently. They already have been trained in successful plans to eliminate pests. The training helps us save time, money, and peace of mind.
  • Less is more. When you hire a professional, you will spend less time researching, buying, applying, and cleaning up trying to eliminate pests. You will also use fewer chemicals. Homeowners are up to 67 times more likely to inappropriately apply insecticides than professionals. This means there is a large percentage of DIY exterminators who misapply toxins.

Professional Pest Control in Nashville

Given that pests in your home can cause thousands of dollars in damages; can make you sick; and can drain your valuable free time, having year-round protection from these pests seems like a great investment. We are ready to help! Contact us at (615) 893-7111 today!

The professionals at Ameri Care Services are proud to serve clients in greater Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN areas.