6 things that Attract Termites to your Home

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Most people don’t know much about termites, aside from the fact that they eat wood and can destroy buildings. According to statistics compiled by Orkin, termites affect about 600,000 homes in the U.S. each year, doing approximately $5 billion in damage. But, how would you know if these minuscule invaders are about to cost you big bucks? You probably wouldn’t notice until they’ve turned your walls and floors into their own pantry. At Ameri Care Services, we believe that education on termites is the best way to get ahead of them and maintain control of your home. We understand that you can’t spend all of your valuable time trying to protect your home from termites in Nashville, but we want you to have the best odds in the fight.

That is why we’ve used our training and experience to create this list of six things that attract termites

  1. Any type of wood – There’s a longstanding belief that termites only like rotten wood. We’re here to tell you this is a myth. These pests don’t just like eating dead trees or stumps. Any wood that makes contact with the ground is in danger of becoming a meal for termites—even wood that claims to be chemically resistant is in danger. Termites will turn any wooden products into a buffet. Termites live in colonies underground and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year eating wood and wood-type products, including the paper right off of your sheetrock. Termites also make no distinction between wood in a forest, or the wood used to build your home.
  2. Any type of moisture – Poor drainage, leaks, condensation, and poor ventilation are all dangerous forms of moisture when it comes to termites. Wood and moisture make a delicious combination for termites. Termites receive nutrients from the cellulose that is contained in wood. The higher the moisture rate, the more cellulose there is and the healthier it will make the termites because your wood isn’t drying out. Not only does Ameri Care Services treat for termites, but we also offer waterproofing, installation, and maintenance of sump pumps, and dehumidifying services to reduce the moisture levels in your basement or crawlspace.
  3. Foam board insulation – Whether you own a log cabin, a new vinyl home, or a house made of stucco, it’s not just wood that attracts termites. And exterior wall solutions such as foam board insulation provide protection to these greedy creatures. They will chew through insulation and other exterior wall solutions, such as synthetic cement siding until they can find wood.
  4. Foundational cracks – Termites forage underground for food sources like dead buried trees and timbers, paper products, and organic matter that contains cellulose. While foraging, they may stumble upon your home’s foundation. If they can find a gap or even a microscopic crack, they can enter and explore your home. Inevitably, this will lead to them finding a food source and cause damage to your home.
  5. Construction debris – You may have decided to renovate or remodel your home recently. Perhaps you just use your garage as an area to build or do woodworking. That means you’ve produced wood waste in some way, shape, or form. Vacuuming up sawdust is the easy way to remove this debris, but will it handle the entire problem? Foundation forms and wooden debris are often buried onsite after construction projects are completed. Once they’re in the ground, they become potential termite bait. Meticulous cleanup can prevent the potential of drawing termites to your home.
  6. Mulching – Spring and summer mean it’s time to get down to gardening. Weeding, and laying down beautiful wooden mulch chips in your flowerbeds, are staples for many people. However, whether it’s plain, treated, or stained, mulch serves as a possible food source for termites. Ameri Care Services loves a beautifully mulched garden bed as much as you do. That’s why we recommend, instead of doing away with your mulch, make sure it is laid at least 15-20 inches away from the foundation of your home.

Termite Control in Nashville

Ameri Care Services’ professionally trained staff can perform a termite inspection today. We can check for termites, ensure they haven’t damaged your home, and create a treatment plan to provide lasting termite protection. We offer our services in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Mt. Juliet, TN. Schedule your termite inspection by calling Ameri Care Services today at  (615) 893-7111.