An Unseasonably Warm Winter means Termites could thrive this Spring

termites could thrive this spring

termites could thrive this springNashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Termites are an invasive species that has recently been on the move. They’re looking for a climate with moderate humidity and temperatures. That puts your home in middle Tennessee at risk. Ameri Care Services wants to help you understand why you can’t ignore these small pests who are moving into your area. A simple Google search of ”termite damage” will show you why you can’t afford to, but scaring you with pictures of destruction isn’t what the professionals at Ameri Care Services think you need to know.

Termite Colonies

Termites live in groups called colonies. These effective little families are made up of different members that complete different roles. Soldiers, workers, and reproducing termites are similar in structure to ant colonies. Workers are white in color. These worker termites are the most likely to be seen, as they are the ones foraging for food. Soldiers are similar to workers but with longer heads and a large jaw. The reproductive termites are larger with dark wings, once again much like an ant. These colonies are large in numbers, once again like ants. Unlike ants, though, termites are harder to detect by an untrained eye and cost billions in property damage every year.

Termite Food

Feeding hundreds if not thousands of termites is a hard job for a worker termite, but it’s got to be done. So, what is the food they’re looking for? It’s not wood, which most people assume. It’s actually cellulose. Cellulose is found in wood, soil, and organic matter. Cellulose is in the wood, drywall, and sometimes ceilings of your home. That means these ferocious little pests can and will quickly eat their way through the most expensive and necessary parts of your home to feed a growing colony.

Termite Seasons

If you see some termite damage you may think to yourself, “I can wait to handle it until after winter.” This isn’t true. Termites stay active throughout fall and colder weather. Their underground colonies allow them to escape cold temperatures and survive year round. Termites have an extremely short dormant phase and are active most of the year. If you catch any sign of termites, don’t be fooled into thinking you can wait. Act immediately.

Signs of Termites

Mud tubes, small piles of sawdust, tunnels into wooden structures, and damaged or damp wood can be evidence of termites. Termite damage often can be hard to detect and will go unnoticed until you see them crawling through your home or you are down a termite-infested wall. Any sign is a good enough sign to contact the professionals at Ameri Care Services.

Termite protection in Nashville and Murfreesboro

Ameri Care Services is one of Middle Tennessee’s trusted pest control provider for treating pests of all kinds including termites. We combine professionalism with quality service and great prices. Termites cost billions of dollars in property damage every year. Don’t be a victim of these small pests. Contact the professionals at Ameri Care Services today if you live in the areas of Murfreesboro or Nashville, TN by calling us at (615) 893-7111.