Myth: Termites go Dormant when it’s Cold

termites do not go dormant in the coldn

termites do not go dormant in the coldnNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

When temperatures drop in the Middle Tennessee area, most people head indoors. There’s a myth that pests and termites die off if we have a harsh winter, but that’s not really true. In fact, the colder weather may actually send termites further into your home as they seek warmth. Some may find warmth by burrowing underneath your crawlspace. The termite control company in Nashville,  Ameri Care, explains that some termites follow other insects and dig deeper into the ground. In contrast, it is not always the case for others. Therefore, we are busting the myth that termites go dormant when it’s cold.

Termites do not hibernate unless there are extensive circumstances, which means you could still see termites during the winter months. If there are warm enough temperatures, the termites will remain active and feed on the interior walls of your home. However, even when temperatures get cold, termites can still find optimum conditions to stay alive. Therefore, your professional termite control technicians in Murfreesboro recommend keeping a keen eye for the pests no matter the outdoor temperature.

The most common termite in Nashville and the surrounding area is the subterranean termite living in the ground. The deeper the nest is underground, the more protected the colony will be, and survival is successful. An estimation of the average termite colony is they dig as far as 18-25 feet below ground level. Although that depth may protect the colony from the harsh winter temperatures, the Nashville pest control technicians near you warn it may not protect your home from feeding termites in the winter.

Your home may become a buffet for termites if you have crawl spaces or a dirt floor basement because you are more susceptible to year-round termites. Since the termites can climb the interior areas of your home and access the wood structure, they protect themselves from traveling up an exterior wall in the cold. The Murfreesboro termite control company warns that termites can build mud tubes in a sheltered location to be warmer during freezing temperatures. However, if the termites find a site where your home touches the soil, the proper conditions for activity and survival can help the colony flourish no matter the outdoor elements. A qualified termite technician can inspect your home and offer methods to eradicate the termites and give you peace of mind. Ameri Care also offers year-round termite protection plans in Nashville.

The Middle Tennessee area experiences a myriad of weather patterns year-round. However, no matter if there is a little or a lot of snow, bitter temperatures with less snow can minimize termite activity, according to the Nashville pest control company. On the other hand, if there is a layer of snow by warmer temperatures, the conditions could insulate the termite mud tubes and provide additional protection needed to navigate the tunnels during the winter months.

Termite Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

The best way to treat and prevent the return of termites is to have a year-round termite monitoring plan that can help minimize infestations and provide professional services so you can protect the value in your home. If you believe you have a termite infestation or would like a Murfreesboro qualified termite control technician from Ameri Care to evaluate your home for termite damage, feel free to call our office at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Keep termites from consuming your hard-earned equity and protect your home today!