Protecting your Home Against Termites this Fall

protect home against termites

protect home against termitesNashville and Murfreesboro TN

The fall season here in Middle Tennessee is known to be quite wet, and the rain has already been falling! This means moist conditions that are perfect for termites. Your Nashville termite experts have some tips for you on how to protect your home against termite damage this fall.

Check for rot

Take a look around the exterior of your home, paying special attention to wood areas such as trim work, around doors and windows, and around the gutters. Any exposed areas of wood or wood that is rotten can attract termites. The best solution for this is to repair or replace the damaged wood. Also, be sure that you apply an adequate protectant such as exterior paint, stain, or sealer to protect the wood from future damage. It’s a good idea also to inspect areas of your home where water could leak from pipes such as under sink cabinets, around outdoor hydrants, and any other areas where plumbing exists such as in your crawlspace or attic.

Get a roof inspection

Roofs are a common area where leaks start. You may not realize your roof is leaking until extensive damage has been done. The problem is that even a slow leak can cause the hidden structure of your home to become exposed to termites. While inspecting your roof may be something better left to a professional, it is worth the small investment on the front end to ensure you don’t create an environment that will invite termites.

Store firewood away from home

If you already are stowing away some chopped wood for a wood burning fireplace or even an outdoor fire pit, store the wood away from your home. Avoid stacking it up against your foundation, even though this makes for easy access. Instead, stack the wood at the back of your property or at least five feet or so away from your home.

Get a professional termite inspection in Nashville

Another way to protect your home against termites this fall is to hire a professional pest control company in Nashville to conduct a thorough termite inspection of your home or business. We provide a guarantee that if we inspect your structure and find it to be free of termites, that guarantee will be good for at least 30 days. If you so choose, we also can provide you with termite prevention treatments on a routine basis for a set fee. The small investment is worth protecting your home or your business.

Can termites live during the fall?

Yes, termites are alive year round, although they swarm only during the spring. However, termite protection in Nashville is necessary year round, not just during the swarming season. Since termites cost homeowners in the U.S. billions of dollars worth of damage each year, being proactive can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

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