Termite Letter – An Important Step in Buying a Home

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termite letterNashville and Murfreesboro TN

The warm, humid climate of middle Tennessee makes it a perfect breeding ground for subterranean termites or wood destroying insects. While this is probably the last thing on your mind when buying your dream home, it shouldn’t be. Your pest control company of Murfreesboro, Ameri Care Services, is here to tell you why getting a termite inspection is an essential step in buying a home, even a brand new one.

Termites cost homeowners nearly $11 billion a year in damages. This is an astounding figure! Since termites prefer to feast on rotten wood, it could be a long time before you notice any signs of these wood-destroying insects in your home. After all, you probably have already conducted a walk through of your potential home. How did it look? Your soon to be home probably looked move-in ready, aside from changing some of the paint colors or fixtures throughout. That is if the problem is termites, they are often hidden in the walls or floors, emerging when it is too late.

Whether you are buying a newly built home, one that is in foreclosure, or one that is very old, a termite letter is a must! The purpose of the termite clearance letter is that it verifies, in writing, that the structure has been inspected for termites and wood destroying insects and that there aren’t any present in or around the property. The letter is usually good for up to 30 days. This should be at least enough time for you to close on your home. Past that, termite protection is on you unless you choose to select a professional termite control company such as Ameri Care Services.

It is important to note that even newly built homes can suffer from termite damage. You never know what kind of condition the underlying structure is in or if any wood was left out in the rain longer than it should have been. Therefore, a termite clearance letter is important even for a newly built home. When purchasing a home that is in foreclosure or very old, Nashville termite experts at Ameri Care Services highly recommends that you receive a termite clearance letter in these cases as well.

While buying an older home or even one that is in foreclosure has its assumed risks, termites should not be one of them! You may not be able to assess any potential sign of termites yourself, which is why hiring the professionals at Ameri Care Services can get the job done for you. We provide a thorough assessment of the structure and property, making any notations of problem areas.

Should you decide to have Ameri Care Services provide you with a worry-free, termite warranty, which means that we treat your home and guarantee it free of any termites or wood destroying insects so long as you have the service, this warranty is transferrable. Talk about a good selling point for future buyers!

Termite Clearance Letters in Nashville

When it comes to termites, there is simply no amount of risk that is worth taking when it comes to the safety and integrity of your home, and its residents (your family). Why gamble your hard earned money away when you can be worry free that your new home is without termites or other wood destroying insects. Order a termite clearance letter in Middle Tennessee by calling the experts at Ameri Care Services at (615) 893-7111!

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