Termites Facts Every Homeowner Needs to Know

termite facts

termite facts

Nashville and Murfreesboro TN

Termites can be more than just a nuisance – costing homeowners in the U.S. billions of dollars a year in damage. Termite inspections are required when financing a home, but what happens after that initial letter? Down the road, your Nashville home (used or new) could succumb to a termite infestation causing extensive damage that costs you thousands of dollars, often not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Your middle Tennessee pest control company is here to share some simple facts that, paired with a little common sense, can protect your home for years.

Fact: Termites and ants can look similar

Ants and termites can look similar because both insects have a head, thorax, and abdomen body, separating their body into three sections. Both seem to be rather social and prefer to live in colonies. Most folks believe that ants do not have wings, but termites and some ants have the ability to fly. If, however, you see a winged insect, do not automatically assume it is a termite. Termites are light-colored, soft, and have a wider thorax. On the other hand, ants are darker, harder, and have a much narrower thorax. If you are unsure whether winged insects in or around your home are termites, be sure to contact your Nashville pest control experts at Ameri Care Services for a consultation.

Fact: Termites can be beneficial at times

Never inside your home, but outdoors, yes, termites do in fact contribute to the ecosystem. They can break down wood into fertile soil used to grow plants and crops. Found outdoors in the woods, termites are doing just what they were designed to do. However, since they are wood destroying insects, you most assuredly do not want them inside of your home. Since termites cannot tell the difference between wood in your home or the wild, they have emerged as one of the most significant pest problems to homeowners.

Fact: Termites do not bite humans

Termites prefer wood, not humans. They do not have any desire to bite people, therefore, do not pose a direct threat to humans. However, termites will attack and eat other insects, although wood is their primary source of food.

Fact: Termite damage begins as something insignificant

Visible signs of termite invasion may include structural changes in your home like wood disappearing or floors and walls giving in. Usually, visible signs of this nature mean far too much damage has already been done to your home. However, there are certainly early warning signs that may indicate you have a termite problem.

Watch out for:

  • Piles of wings or mud tubes in or around your home – an indicator that an infestation has begun
  • Chipped paint, holes or hallowed out mazes in wood

Although termites are remarkable pests that contribute a great deal to our ecosystem, you certainly do not want them feasting on the wood in your home. To keep such an infestation from occurring, consider having an annual termite inspection in Nashville. These inspections of your home will ensure that termites are not setting up camp inside your home, ready to destroy it at any moment. Prevention is always best when it comes to termites.

Termite Inspections in Nashville

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