What Happens during a Termite Inspection?

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A termite inspection is an important aspect of keeping your home or business free from termites. These destructive, wood-destroying insects can be hard to detect. By the time you notice visible evidence of termites or their damage, the structural integrity of your property could be in jeopardy. At Ameri Care Services, we pride ourselves on providing professional termite inspections performed by experienced and highly-trained technicians. Before scheduling your termite inspection in Nashville, let’s take a closer look at what happens during the process.

What’s Entailed in a Termite Inspection

A professional technician will conduct a visual inspection of your property for signs of these pests. This inspection includes the entire interior of the home or business, as well as any basements and crawlspace, and the entire exterior of the property, examining areas that could be potential hiding places for termites.

How long does it take?

It’s important not to rush through a termite inspection, but a typical inspection takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Inspections could take longer if your property is exceptionally large or cluttered with belongings.

Do termites live in my state?

Probably. Termites have been detected in 49 of the 50 United States, so unless you live in Alaska, these pests represent a potential threat to your home or business. Cold weather will not kill termites; they only move more slowly or go into a state that resembles hibernation.

Why will the inspector need access to my attic?

A termite inspection entails looking for any type of WDO (that’s short for wood-destroying organisms). Other less well-known threats, besides termites, include carpenter bees and certain varieties of ant, which are known to congregate in attics.

What type of termite do I need to watch out for?

There are three species of termites found in the United States, but the most prevalent—especially in Tennessee—are subterranean termites. A colony of subterranean termites contains swarmers, workers, and soldiers. All of them usually are translucent and creamy white, and each is the approximate size of a grain of rice. Reproductives, also known as swarmers, have wings. Once they reach adulthood, they leave their current colony in a swarm, looking to form new colonies. Workers are slightly smaller than swarmers, while soldiers have larger heads and mandibles.

Can I look for termites themselves?

This is not a good idea. For one thing, termites consume wood from the inside out, which means that by the time there are visible signs of damage, the termites are well-entrenched, and you are dealing with an infestation. This is because termites avoid bright light, open air and prefer to stay either under the ground or within whatever wood they can find in or around your home. That’s why a professional termite inspection performed by a qualified technician is so important.

Termite Inspections in Nashville

You can trust the experts at Ameri Care to perform a thorough and complete inspection to reveal any termites in your home or business. For peace of mind, we offer guaranteed protection plans. Make your appointment today by calling (615) 893-7111 or contact us online if you’re located in the areas of Nashville and Murfreesboro in Tennessee.