What you need to know about Termite Swarming Season

termite swarming season

termite swarming seasonNashville and Murfreesboro TN

It’s early spring, the temperature is warming, and termites begin their swarming season to gear up for reproduction. Swarming usually occurs right after a big rain as the reproductive females leave their nest to begin a colony of their own, hopefully not in your home. The process is quick, and as it begins you may see only a few swarming termites, but within minutes many more are attracted to the same spot.

Your termite specialists at Ameri Care Services have some myths to debunk about swarming season.

Swarms destroy homes

The actual swarms involve the mating process, which is not really damaging at all. It’s not until the colony forms that they begin eating into a wooden structure. It may take a while before the colony causes any damage. However, we recommend getting your home or business checked out if you notice termite swarming on your wooden structure.

Termites stopped swarming, so I shouldn’t worry

Wrong! While the swarming only lasts for a short while, the worry continues. Termites only swarm long enough to build a good-sized colony. Once the swarming ceases, termites get to work by destroying wood. A colony may contain millions of termites, which is why eradicating them from your property is essential in preventing extensive damage.

Swarming an occur any time of year

Swarming season specifically occurs only during the spring when temperatures begin to warm up, and we experience more rain than usual. Temperatures need to reach about 70 degrees, and termites prefer to swarm on a sunny day following a heavy rain. If you see similar looking insects flying around during other times of the year, it is likely flying ants, which look similar to termites.

I can treat termites myself

While many around the house projects are great for DIY, treating termites is not one of them. It is best to have termites treated professionally by an expert company who has experience dealing with these pesky wood-destroying insects. Professional termite treatments can protect your home or business from the millions of swarming termites that emerge this time of year.

It’s impossible to prevent termites

Actually, prevention is your best defense against an invasion of termites. An experienced termite control company in Nashville such as Ameri Care Services will provide you with a thorough inspection of your home, its foundation, attic, and crawlspace, and make recommendations for any repairs where moisture or rotten and exposed wood are a concern. Also, our termite treatments are warrantied for up to 12 months. We guarantee that by receiving our termite treatment, you will not have to deal with a termite infestation for at least one year. This contract is renewable each year.

Termite prevention is expensive

Not necessarily. In fact, treating termites after a colony has set up camp inside the structure of your home or business could end up costing you more money in the long run than it would to side with prevention efforts through a yearly treatment program. If you are interested in a prevention program to ensure termites never destroy your home, contact the professional pest control company in Nashville at Ameri Care Services.

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