When is Termite Season in Nashville?

when is termite season

when is termite seasonNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

Termites are common in the Nashville area and could silently infiltrate your home or business without your knowledge. Your termite pest control company in Nashville, Ameri Care Services, has technicians that are specifically trained to find termites that may be infesting your home or business. As the temperatures begin to rise, these winged pests become more active reproducing and looking for new homes. Today, Ameri Care Services is sharing when termite season is in Nashville, as well as ways you can prevent an infestation in your home or business.

What is a termite swarm?

Termite swarms begin with the presence of the right precipitation and temperatures. These pests leave their colonies in search of a new mate and to establish a new colony. One of the biggest challenges to homeowners is locating underground colonies and finding damage caused by termites. When you notice a swarm of termites, it could be a great indicator of the location of their nest. However, a swarm does not guarantee the presence of wood-destroying termites. The best way to know if termites are damaging your home is to get a termite inspection in Nashville.

Peak Termite Season

Early swarms in Nashville begin in the late winter and early spring months. Some homes may have experienced signs of termites as early as February. The normal peak season for termites in Nashville is April 15th through May 15th. The increase in swarming activity typically occurs when there is a rainy day, followed by a sunny day. If these conditions occur in March, it is still a good time to keep a lookout for termite swarms. The key to controlling the population and infestation is to spot them early and contact your termite pest control specialists in Murfreesboro at Ameri Care Services, so they can be located and treated immediately.

How can I tell if it is flying ants or termites?

Flying ants and termites are often mistaken for one another. To best identify the swarming species, catch one, and examine the body. Termites have a broad middle section with straight antennae, and flying ants have a pinched middle section with elbowed antennae. If you are unsure of what is swarming around your home, feel free to contact your professional pest control company in Nashville, Ameri Care Services, and we will be happy to help identify and appropriately treat the pests.

The Threat of the Swarm

When you spot a termite swarm, it is a good indicator that termites are looking to find a new spot to establish their colony. However, just because you do not see a termite swarm does not mean your home is not a target for a termite infestation. Termites cost homeowners $5 billion in damage and repairs every year which is more damage than hurricanes, floods, and fires. Therefore, it is critical to have your home regularly inspected by a certified termite technician in Murfreesboro from Ameri Care Services for termite damage.

Protection and Prevention

To keep your home safe from termite swarms and damage, early detection is key. While you are outside working in the yard, playing with the kids, or enjoying the outdoors, keep an eye out for termite swarms or other damage to your home that could be caused by pests. A few key places to watch are firewood or scrap woodpiles that are next to your home or in your crawlspace. Removing wood sources from under or beside your home or business could reduce your risk of an infestation. Also, make sure there is no standing water, leaky pipes, ineffective gutters, or poorly placed downspouts. Water and moisture attract termites and other pests to your home or business, so keeping the area dry will remove a vital component for termite life. The best prevention is establishing regular inspections from your certified termite exterminator in Nashville, Ameri Care Services, to prevent a termite infestation.

Termite Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro

With warmer temperatures and regular periods of rain, termite swarms may begin to appear around your home or business. To protect your investment from termite damage, it is recommended to hire a termite pest control company in Nashville, Ameri Care Services to ensure termites are not eating you out of house and home. Feel free to call (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to schedule an evaluation today to keep the termites away.