Why Year-Round Termite Control is Necessary for Nashville Residents

subterranean termite

subterranean termiteNashville and Murfreesboro TN

If you own a home in the Nashville area, it is essential that you understand the threat of termites. Here in Music City, we have the most threatening termite – the subterranean termite, which costs people across the U.S. billions of dollars in damages each year. This particular type of termite, however, is a threat to Nashville property owners year round, and here’s why.

As a termite colony matures, the male and female reproductives are created, which are winged termites that leave their colony to form new ones. Keep in mind that termites do not know the difference between the wood in your home versus the woods. As these reproductive termites swarm, they may choose your home to set up camp and form a new colony. Usually, swarming termites near a home are a sign of an infestation.

Is it a flying ant or termite?

Many Nashville homeowners find it difficult to differentiate between a flying ant or reproductive termites. The difference is that a reproductive termite is about 3/8 of an inch long, with white, round-tipped wings. They shed their wings once they establish their nest, usually underground below the frost line, which is why they are referred to as subterranean termites. Burrowing underground allows them and their eggs to survive the harsh winter, which is why termites are a threat in Nashville year-round. The cold winter does not kill them off as it does other types of insects.

The queen termite begins mating to produce workers, which are the termites that invade your home. They may travel as far as the length of a football field looking for a food source! This is why if your neighbor or anyone in your neighborhood has termites, your home is at risk. The workers tend to travel underground and hunt for dark, moist areas to feed, which may include areas such as underneath porches, crawlspaces, or basements. These are typically areas most homeowners do not check often or are difficult to access. These hard to access areas are exactly where termites like to start their destructive nature. Since termites prefer dark areas, they may stay well hidden, even right up behind your wallpaper or tile without you ever noticing the extent of the damage until it is too late. All this can occur during the winter, which is why year-round termite control in Nashville is essential.

As the termites find a good feeding area, they recruit other worker termites to join them, which quickly may lead to significant damage to your home. More than likely by the time you actually notice damage, an infestation has already occurred! Take action quickly by getting a termite inspection in Nashville right away.

The expert termite specialists at Ameri Care Services are knowledgeable and experienced in identifying and treating termites in Nashville. We can even provide you with a termite inspection for peace of mind, as well as provide you with year-round protection of your investment. To learn more or to get an estimate, please contact Ameri Care Services by calling (615) 893-7111. We provide termite services to homes and businesses in the Nashville area, including Mt. Juliet and Murfreesboro.