Pest Control

Nashville, Murfreesboro and Mt. Juliet TN

Pest Control Services for Middle Tennessee on your time and budget.

We have some customers who need us just from time to time when a problem might arise. The “One Time” or “On Call” service works best for them. However, we have other individuals who are sensitive to insect activity and have absolutely zero tolerance for bugs, critters, and little creepy crawly things. We have several programs to accommodate a variety of lifestyle needs and personal preferences.

By far, our most popular service is our “Quarterly Service.” It includes our best price along with the best guarantee in the business. We service the home once every three months. This includes service to the inside, outside perimeter, eaves, overhangs, doors, windows and any attached garage.

If bugs come back during the three month period… so do we – at no charge.

Davidson & Rutherford County Pest Control Technician

We only schedule one home per hour to ensure we spend the necessary time to protect the home between treatments.

In 2006, we introduced our “Quarterly Flex Program.” It has been a huge success with our customers and technicians alike. This service concentrates on the exterior perimeter but allows flexibility on the inside. Also backed by our “Quarterly Guarantee”, this service works well for families with busy lifestyles.

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