Termite Letter Mt Juliet

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Termite Letter Mt. Juliet

What are termite letters?

Termite letter are reports that show the existence or prior existence of subterranean termites.  The termite letter is a state form that shows if there is any earth to wood contacts at the home, if all of the structure was inspected, and if any termite treatments have been performed.  The termite letter also contains the exclusions of liability on the back.

Do I need a termite letter?

Most lending companies require that you obtain a termite letter within 30 days prior to closing showing that the property are free of active termite infestations and/or damages.  Different types of loans may have higher standards for the termite letter.  When the termite inspection is finished the buyer should send the lender a copy of the termite report.  There are some states that don’t require the seller to produce a termite letter prior to closing, obtaining a termite letter is generally in the contract placing the burden on the seller to supply a termite letter.  If you are in need of a termite letter in Mt. Juliet call Ameri Care Services today to schedule your appointment!

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