Affordable Solutions to Prevent Basement Leaks

prevent basement leaks

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Water damage is becoming a bigger problem for homeowners, and a big reason why many home insurance rates are skyrocketing. Tens of thousands of dollars in water damage can result from a small leak. These leaks may go undetected for quite some time in little-used areas of the house such as the basement, where mold could grow due to the excess humidity or other problems may develop. If you encounter water damage, then the Nashville moisture control specialists at Ameri Care Services can help, but we also want to provide you with this list of do-it-yourself solutions to prevent basement leaks before they happen.

Preventing basement links depends on having a good water drainage system 

The more water that drains near your foundation, the more likely that some of that water may seep into the walls of your basement. Make sure any downspouts are directed away from your home—or the homes of your neighbors. You also can install a French drain, which collects the water and guides it away from the property. You also should check your gutter system on a regular basis to make sure it remains clear of blockages.

Excess humidity encourages the build-up of mold

If you do your laundry in your basement, this can lead to the development of dangerous mold. Dryer vents let humid air into your basement. If a leak develops in your basement and this humid air is present, mold can develop more quickly than you might realize. Clean your dryer lint trap between loads, and be sure to clean out the vent at least twice each year. The vent collects lint that the filter misses, and over time this accumulated lint can prevent the proper escape of air.

Repair any cracks in your basement walls

Any crack, no matter how slight, can lead to a big problem if a leak seeps into your basement through the foundation. If you have cracks that water is seeping through, open them by using a hammer and chisel. Make the inside of the opening wider than it is at the surface, clean the area with water and a stiff brush, then apply hydraulic cement to the area—pressing it into the crack within a half inch of the surface. You will need to apply at least two layers of the cement to completely repair the crack. 

Repeat this with any cracks you see where water could become a hazard, then apply water-proofing paint to seal the structure.

Insulating your piping goes a long way

If you have cold pipes in your basement, they may drip condensation, creating moisture that can cause problems. Insulate your piping with foam insulation, which should be available at any home improvement store. These will also protect your pipes from freezing and potentially freezing and busting during the winter.

Basement waterproofing services in Murfreesboro

Having your basement waterproofed provides peace of mind as to the threat of potential leaks, and it is more affordable to have professional waterproofing service done than to spend thousands of dollars to repair water damage or have mold removed. At Ameri Care Services, our package of waterproofing services includes completely sealing basement walls, shielding them against infiltration from exterior water and fortifying the walls as a whole. We also can identify potential causes of basement leaks. To learn more about our waterproofing or any of our other services, contact Ameri Care Services by calling (615) 893-7111 to schedule a consultation.

Ameri Care Services is proud to fulfill the waterproofing and restoration needs of customers in the areas of Mt. Juliet, Nashville, and Murfreesboro in Tennessee.