How to Spot Signs of Water Problems in your Basement

signs of water problems

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Water problems in your basement could cause significant damage to the foundation of your home, resulting in expensive repairs. Unfortunately, water damage can significantly reduce the value of your home, turn away prospective buyers when you are ready to sell, and potentially cause health hazards. Therefore, waterproofing experts in Nashville at Ameri Care Services are sharing how to spot signs of water problems in your basement.

Where to Look for Signs of Water Damage

Some basements are prone to water damage. Therefore, it is important to inspect every corner of the basement whether the area is finished or unfinished to ensure there is no water damage.

Below are some examples of where you should be able to see visible signs of damage:
  • Floors – A finished basement with carpeting, tile, or laminate floors should be inspected for signs of water damage. If the space is unfinished, examine the foundation and seams around the floor slab for signs of water.
  • Walls – Finished walls typically show damage to the drywall materials, but if you used a different material, inspect the surface and edges carefully. If the walls are unfinished, inspect the framing and installed insulation for condensation.
  • Windows – Windows could provide an increased opportunity for water leakage from the edging or window itself. Be sure to check around the edge of the frame and the wall below it.
  • Bathroom – If you have a bathroom installed in your basement, plumbing leaks could be a cause of a water leak. Therefore, check visible areas where pipes are connected and surrounding wall areas for moisture.
  • Ceiling – When you think water is entering your basement from the ceiling, it is a good idea to look at the floor joists above your basement. If your basement is finished, run your hand across the drywall covering the ceiling to see if it is damp and look for any water stains.
  • Enclosed Spaces – Where there are dark, airless spaces, moisture can accumulate. Condensation could easily go unnoticed in closets, ledges, corners, and cubbyholes.

What Water Damage Looks Like

Visible signs of water may vary depending on the source.

Some of the most common visible signs of water leaks are listed below:
  • Water Stains – Water stains vary in size, appear as streaks or spots, and typically show up on drywall, drop ceiling tiles, or wood.
  • Cracks in Wood or Concrete – Since water damage often creates expanding and shifting of the concrete, hairline cracks in the foundation floor or walls could be an indication of water damage. Keep in mind that cracks in wood or drywall often occur after flooding.
  • Bulging or Swelling – When your basement is finished, you may notice bulging, bending, warping, bowing, or swelling in the walls or floor.
  • Peeling Paint – While inspecting the walls, look for cracked, peeling, or disintegrating paint on the floors, walls, or ceiling.
  • Mildew or Mold – The most common colors of mold are green, brown, or black, but could be any color. The presence of mold indicates a serious situation that could turn the air in your home toxic if not removed.
  • Efflorescence – As the water dries up, it could leave a chalky white substance behind which are mineral deposits from the water.

Follow Your Nose

Often when water is or has been present, there is a musty odor or an odor that smells like a mud puddle or sweaty socks. The smell is a clear indication of moisture in your basement, and it is time to contact your Murfreesboro basement waterproofing specialists to assist with mold removal.

What You Can Do About Water Problems

The first step in eliminating the water problem is to locate the source. Then, contact your local basement waterproofing company in Nashville, Ameri Care Services, for assistance in determining the extent of damage and what options are available for waterproofing your basement. With services such as vapor barriers, basement dehumidifiers, sump pumps, and mold services, Ameri Care Services could have your water problem quickly repaired.

Basement Waterproofing in Nashville and Murfreesboro

If you suspect you have a water or moisture problem in your home, contact Ameri Care Services by calling (615) 893-7111 or visiting our website to request an appointment.