Preventing a Flash Flood from Damaging your Home

protect home from flood damage

protect home from flood damageNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

Home flooding is a big problem and causes millions of dollars in damages each year. Flash floods are the number one weather-related killer in the U.S., and the most frequently occurring and costly natural disaster. Ninety percent of damage related to all natural disasters is caused by flood damage, and here in Nashville, we know what that is like all too well. So what can you do to protect yourself? Your basement waterproofing company in Murfreesboro, Ameri Care Services has some tips for you.

Changes in the landscape

FEMA predicts that flooding in the United States will increase by 45 percent by 2100. In the past 12 months, in fact, we have seen eight flood events of a size expected to occur just once every 500 to 1,000 years. These are happening in places usually safe from flooding such as inland areas of Texas, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

Start by elevating your boiler

The first step, we recommend, in protecting your home is to elevate your HVAC equipment. Because they are normally located in the lowest area of your home; utilities, boilers, central air-conditioning units, and other HVAC equipment are particularly vulnerable to flooding. Consider building a platform for them or moving them to a higher floor.

Install a sewage water backstop

Big cities that deal with persistent and costly stormwater flooding, like Chicago, have various municipal programs to fund the installation of backflow prevention valves and other devices that keep overtaxed sewer mains from backing up into basements. If your basement floor drain backs up after heavy rains, consider installing one of these devices could help prevent basement flooding. Of course, make sure you have a working sump pump, which the pros at Ameri Care Services can install for you.

Change your landscaping

Outdoor surfaces help water seep into the ground instead of streaming toward your home. Digging depressions known as swales to divert stormwater runoff away from your house will help. Consider using a brick (or gravel) driveway and sidewalk, and using absorbent mulch can help manage heavy rain and reduce potential flood damage. Placing a rain barrel beneath a gutter downspout will not only alleviate basement flooding but also help reduce flooding and pollution of local waterways.

If flash flooding is imminent

Keeping sandbags on hand will protect the foundation of your house.  Just like levees or shorelines, they will keep the water at bay at least a little. Learn the flood signals for your community. Have emergency building materials: plywood, plastic, lumber, nails, shovels on hand. If you are ordered to evacuate, make sure to shut off all utilities and take your important papers with you. Do not drive through water on the roads because relatively a small amount of water can sweep your car away.

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