What Nashville Homeowners should know about Crawlspace Encapsulation

crawlspace encapsulation

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A home’s crawlspace plays a critical role in the overall condition of the structure. Unfortunately, many Nashville homeowners forget about the crawlspace leading to possible water damage, mold growth, pest infestation, and high energy bills. Nashville’s professional crawlspace company, Ameri Care Services, shares what Nashville homeowners should know about crawlspace encapsulation so that they can protect their largest investment.

What is crawlspace encapsulation?

Crawlspace encapsulation is the process of sealing the area by lining the foundation walls and floor with thick sheets of overlapped polyethylene plastic. The seal creates an airtight vapor barrier that blocks moisture from the subfloor area. The Nashville crawlspace experts explain that a dehumidifier can help control the moisture levels as they change. The encapsulation treatment takes one to two days, depending on the size of your crawlspace.

Why encapsulate your crawlspace?

Summer temps get hot, and humidity welcomes itself in Nashville and surrounding areas. With high moisture levels of over 70 percent, a myriad of problems can ensue. Therefore, according to the experienced crawlspace company in Nashville, your crawlspace’s complete encapsulation is the best investment for your home. Avoiding crawlspace encapsulation could lead to foundation failure, mold and mildew growth, radon gas, pests and insects, musty odors, and poor air quality in your home. Each of the above problems can cause high out-of-pocket expenses for repairs. Encapsulating your crawlspace can save you time and money while giving you peace of mind.

How does crawlspace encapsulation work?

Most companies that specialize in crawlspace encapsulation complete the job with the same basic steps. First, a leading crawlspace encapsulation company in Nashville should complete an assessment of the crawlspace’s current condition. Next, technicians remove old insulation, resolve moisture issues, and eliminate pests. An application of heavy-duty plastic pieces overlaps to create a vapor barrier. The sections and material around piers and pillars get sealed with tape or fasteners to fill gaps. Finally, installing a dehumidifier can help keep moisture controllable, consistent, and acceptable year-round.

What are the benefits of encapsulating your crawlspace?

For Nashville homeowners who do not venture into their crawlspace, encapsulation is an excellent investment to protect your home’s value. The two main benefits of encapsulation are to keep the area clean and dry. However, below are more benefits you could experience when you contact the knowledgeable Nashville crawlspace company to encapsulate your crawlspace.

  • Mold and Mildew-Free HomeMold is a common substance in crawlspace areas because of high moisture levels. Mold spores are a health hazard and can thrive on damp floors and walls. For some, exposure to mold spores may trigger allergies or other respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Encapsulating your crawlspace creates a dry area where mold struggles to survive.
  • Lower Utility Costs – An encapsulated crawlspace has air conditioning and insulation that can help reduce your utility costs. When the rim joists get insulated with closed-cell foam, Nashville homeowners report an energy savings of 15-20 percent. You may notice your HVAC usage is far less than your neighbors who have not encapsulated their crawlspace.
  • Enhanced Home Comfort – Homes with a vented crawlspace have a more challenging time cooling the home’s interior in the summer and heating the home during winter. Encapsulating the space helps control the temperature more efficiently, which increases the comfort of your home and lowers energy bills. Also, remember half of your home’s indoor air comes from the crawlspace or basement. Therefore, when you encapsulate the crawlspace, you reduce your risk of mold, mildew, radon, and other gases entering the air you breathe at home.
  • Fewer Pest Issues – Where water and darkness abound, you will almost always find pests. As pests enter your home, they can multiply quickly, creating an infestation and requiring professional pest control Unfortunately, pests can damage wood and other belongings, and they can be costly and challenging to eradicate. Crawlspace encapsulation helps prevent moisture so that uninvited visitors will be less attracted to your crawlspace.
  • Improve Structural Integrity – When the soil around the foundation of your Nashville home becomes wet, it could weaken your home’s structural integrity. When water properly channels away from your foundation walls, and crawlspace encapsulation is complete with interior drainage, including a sump pump system, the perimeter of your home should stay dry. Dry conditions prevent cracks, shifting soil, and structural problems.

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Even though encapsulating your crawlspace may not be on the top of your home improvement list, it is a critical element to the health and safety of your home and your family. If you have questions about crawlspace encapsulation or would like to schedule an assessment, feel free to contact the skilled crawlspace technicians in Nashville from Ameri Care by calling (615) 893-7111 or contact us today!