Why Basement Waterproofing isn’t a DIY Job

basement waterproofing is not diy job

basement waterproofing is not diy jobNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

These days there are plenty of waterproofing kits available. While you may be tempted to purchase one and take care of your basement waterproofing needs yourself, we are here to urge you not to. Basement waterproofing is not a DIY job. In fact, you could end up causing even more damage to your home. Before you end up wasting your hard-earned money, we want to share the dangers of DIY basement waterproofing.

Truth is, you aren’t an expert

Unless you work for a waterproofing company, which chances are, you don’t, then you probably aren’t an expert on this subject. A basement waterproofing consultation in Nashville with Ameri Care Services will get you a complete inspection of your home’s foundation. We can identify any and all potential cracks or problems that could be causing leaks or moisture problems. While you might be able to seal those basement cracks yourself, you could end up hiding an even bigger problem. By hiring an expert, you can be assured you will get the best results.

Consumer kits are one-size-fits-all

There are many consumer kits available on the market for basement and foundation repairs. The problem is that these type of repairs isn’t a one-size-fits-all job, which means that you likely won’t end up with the right materials that will provide the best results. At Ameri Care Services, we use commercial-grade products to seal out moisture and prevent it from coming back. We provide homes and businesses dealing with basement moisture issues with the superior protection they deserve.

DIY basement waterproofing isn’t backed by a guarantee

Doing your own DIY projects of any kind do not come backed by a guarantee. If something goes wrong, you are on the hook and responsible for footing the repair bill or the cost of fixing it. On the other hand, when it comes to basement waterproofing, we at Ameri Care Services stand behind our work.

DIY doesn’t actually save you money in the long run

When you compare the price of professional waterproofing services to the cost of doing the job yourself, you might think there is a significant difference in cost, but that isn’t the case in the long run. Since most store-bought waterproofing products aren’t designed to last, and may not be suitable for your situation, you may wind up spending more money down the road on repairs. It’s far more economical to hire the pros right from the start and be assured your waterproofing needs are met.

Professional Waterproofing Company in Murfreesboro, Nashville

In the end, professional waterproofing services aren’t as expensive as they seem. Protecting your home from moisture or water damage is essentially putting money in your pocket. If you would like to learn more about our waterproofing services or schedule a free in-home consultation, just contact Ameri Care Services by calling (615) 893-7111. We provide basement and crawlspace waterproofing, as well as pest control services to homes and businesses of Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet, and Nashville, Tennessee.